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At Ecom Surgicals, we understand the importance of self-monitoring and self-care in disease prevention and treatment. We help you to buy healthcare devices through online shopping. Through our online store, we ensure that you get most affordable products with high quality. Today people suffer more often from chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and respiratory ailments due to changes in lifestyle. In major cities more than half of the population is living with one or another chronic illness, also 10% live with diabetes while another 30% are at the risk of developing diabetes.

“High-risk patient is not who is suffering from a severe ailment, rather a one who does not engage in self-care.”

Fortunately, most of the health issues faced by population are preventable; they arise due to years of neglection and lack of self-care. We are living in times when in every family a person is suffering from at least some kind of chronic disease. To stay healthy, to prevent diseases and manage them effectively, there is only one formula- self-care through self-monitoring.

It is time to take your health in your hands. In today’s busy lifestyle it is not possible to visit physician’s office for every minor issue. Unfortunately, most people are not even aware of the number of health parameters that can be measured at home. Also, people are not yet aware that most of these devices are highly accurate and affordable.

We at Ecom Surgicals, aim to bring monitoring of vital signs to every home. Also buying healthcare devices is very easy through our online store. We bring you affordable and yet highly accurate healthcare devices at your doorstep so that you can stay healthy and live longer.

Products Available at Our Online Store

Ecom Surgicals started serving the people in 2013. We began our activities by following the philosophy of bringing “affordable self-care to every home.” We realize the need to stop the onslaught of chronic diseases, the burden and pain they cause on individuals and families. We provide you highly accurate healthcare devices for monitoring body temperature, body fat content, body weight, respiratory and cardiac parameters. Our online store offers you:

  • Thermometers– for precise measuring of body temperature
  • Pulse oximeters– they tell not only about your pulse rate but also about the amount of oxygen in your blood.
  • Body Fat Analyzers– that not only show your body weight, but also its fat content.
  • Glucometers– so that you always know how well controlled your diet and diabetes is.
  • Nebulizer– to take control of your asthma or chronic obstructive lung disease.
  • Support and rehabilitation– bandages, knee support, and much more to keep you moving.
  • Pedometers– to ensure that you walk enough each day.

Self Monitoring with Healthcare Devices Prevents Hospitalizations

Self-monitoring is the only way to ensure that person can keep a close eye on health, and take preventive measures in a timely fashion. For a healthy living, it is essential that every home must have  these devices for monitoring vitals. There are many types of research and studies to support the importance of self-monitoring. It is known that people who have healthcare devices are more engaged in self-care. Self-monitoring of simple vitals like blood pressure and blood glucose level, can help you to prevent hospitalizations and emergency visits. Having these devices for self-monitoring is even more critical for those living with chronic diseases, or those who live far from healthcare facilities, like living in a countryside. In some cases, self-monitoring may make a difference between life and death.


Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic