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The best place for these simple machines is in the bathroom, thus also known as bathroom scales, weighing scales, or personal weighing machines. Modern digital weighing machines are simple, trendy, slim, and, most importantly, precise. Unlike the older generation non-digital machines, these modern weighing machines are free from wear and tear, making them a valuable one-time investment in healthcare. A digital body weight machine is easy to store and is a necessity in every health-conscious household. Every household includes developing kids, elderly individuals who may experience weight loss, and, of course, adults who might be gaining weight for reasons not always apparent.

Changes in body weight can tell a lot about health, whether it’s sudden weight loss or gradual weight gain. In countries like India, weight loss is as much a concern as obesity, although most online discussions focus more on obesity. Low body weight can be as harmful as obesity, if not more, as it means fewer resources to fight the stressful conditions caused by diseases.

What is an ideal body weight?

Instead of relying solely on body weight, it would be better to use the term BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI is calculated by dividing the body weight by height in meters, and the result is divided by height in meters again. So, if a person is 65 kg and their height is 1.7 meters, then the BMI would be 65/1.7 = 38.24. You should divide the answer by height in meters again, that is, 38.24/1.7 = 22.5.

A healthy BMI for Indians is between 18-23; we consider underweight below this range, and we consider overweight above it.

Reasons for sudden weight loss:

Sudden weight loss may be a sign of some kind of chronic disease, many of which can be life-threatening. Regular use of a weighing machine can help keep a close eye on the dynamics of your body weight.

Some common reasons for weight loss are cancer (especially if a person is symptom-free), gastroenteritis, parasitic infections, hyperthyroidism, viral infections, or even wheat intolerance. Any kind of unexplained weight loss is a serious matter.

Obesity and health risks:

Another reason to buy a digital body weight machine is to monitor your weight management program. Obesity links to a range of diseases. Overweight individuals often experience metabolic changes and insulin resistance. Unchecked obesity can lead to diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis (stiffening of blood vessels), heart diseases, arthritis, and much more.

How often should one use a digital body weight machine?

It depends on whether a person is actively managing their weight or not. If a person is not taking any action, even once a month would be fine. However, for those actively involved in a weight loss or weight gain program, once a week would suffice. Weighing on a daily basis is not advisable, as it may discourage a person.

Apart from a digital body weight machine, some other tools may help with weight management and tracking. We are talking about various apps freely available that can provide tips, record information, and much more. Thus, owning a digital body weight machine and using apps like ‘Weight Loss Tracker,’ ‘BMI,’ or ‘Monitor Your Weight’ may work as an excellent combination.

Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic