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ChoiceMMed is a global manufacturing company based at Beijing, China. They focus on manufacturing health and medical devices. They are one of the largest manufactures for Pulse Oximeters, ECG Machines & BP Monitors. ChoiceMMed is the global leaders in selling Pulse Oximeters. They manufacture both fingertip and handheld Pulse Oximeters. ChoiceMMed have more than 10 models of Pulse Oximeters. You can buy ChoiceMMed India Products Online through our store.

ChoiceMMed product range would leave you awestruck, an innovative company that has brought a variety of professional diagnostic and healthcare devices within the reach of ordinary man. Their devices are compact, easy to manipulate, connected (to your laptop or mobile), and readily affordable.

Did you ever think about taking an ECG by yourself? Well, ChoiceMMed has made it possible by launching a handheld ECG machine with the colored display, and USB connectivity. Now anyone can take ECG at home. It comes with USB connectivity and desktop app. The desktop app can further help you to diagnose your conditions, or you can forward your ECG by e-mail to a medical specialist.

Perhaps the most significant strength of ChoiceMMed products is wireless connectivity. Surely you use a traditional scale, blood pressure monitor, glucometer, pedometer and then enter all the relevant information into the app or desktop program for record keeping and keeping track of your health. However, in practice, very few people can do that on a regular basis, and ChoiceMMed understands this.

Almost every device made by ChoiceMMed has wireless connectivity option. Thus it would automatically register all the findings to your mobile based app for record keeping and easy sharing. Just imagine that as soon as you weight yourself, information is transmitted to your app, or information about your blood pressure and blood glucose. Information is knowledge, if such amount of data is collected on a regular basis, it can be of real use not only to the individuals, but it can help medical specialists in making effective decisions.

About ChoiceMMed India

In India, ChoiceMMed has given their one model of pulse oximeter to Omron for marketing. The model number for this is MD300C20. Hence, Omron India purchase this model from ChoiceMMed and marketing it in India. Recently ChoiceMMed has started their India operations by forming a separate company named as ChoiceMMed India. Hence, most of their products like BP Monitors, ECG Machines, and Patient Monitors are available in India.

Other innovative products from ChoiceMMed?

Just every product offered by ChoiceMMed would amaze you since the company has indeed extended the functionality and utility of many traditional devices.

Respiratory diseases are common and among the top 5 causes of deaths globally. ChoiceMMed has come up with a respiratory trainer that would help to strengthen your respiratory apparatus, increase the lung volume, and at the same time, it acts as a diagnostic product by helping to understand the changes in respiratory function. Thus it is a respiratory trainer along with diagnostic capabilities.

ChoiceMMed is a company with a significant focus on telemedicine and sensing of vital signs. It is a fact that people feel better at home, around the loved ones instead of staying at hospitals. Moreover, a hospital stay can be quite expensive in most nations including India. ChoiceMMed has launched the range of so-called telemedicine devices. These devices are compact, mobile, and still collect all the vital parameters that are usually registered by devices used in ICUs (intensive care units). Thus one of its monitors can monitor pulse rate, SpO2, body temperature, can take ECG, even check BP at regular intervals, and it can transfer all the data in real time. It is almost like having your own personal ICU or diagnostic lab.

For healthy individuals, ChoiceMMed has a range of wearables to assist in physical training. It also has electronic med-reminder for those who often forget to take medications on time. ChoiceMMed also provides mobile apps to work with its devices.

ChoiceMMed is a company which brought telemedicine to every home at an affordable cost. Hence ChoiceMMed is a research and development based company. All their manufacturing units meet the compliance with regulatory stands of industry. Also ChoiceMMed India products maintains excellent quality.