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Glucometers are small, affordable, and readily available devices used to check blood sugar levels by those living with diabetes. However, considering the global rise of diabetes and its widespread prevalence in India, people now view it as an essential device for every home. Nowadays, you can buy a glucometer online, and several brands are available.

It is a fact that about 30% of the population is pre-diabetic or at the brink of developing diabetes. Hence, regular blood glucose monitoring can help people take early measures and avoid diabetes.

Importance of Glucometer for Those Living with Diabetes:

It is an essential part of diabetes treatment. Moreover, it is highly affordable. Furthermore, people living with poorly controlled diabetes need to check blood glucose levels more frequently, and visiting a lab each time is not an option.

Glucometers are also known to improve the control of blood sugar levels by raising awareness. Since there is considerable daily variance in blood glucose levels before and after meals or after physical activity, monitoring daily and multiple times during the day can provide a complete picture. Monitoring numerous times daily can also provide essential data for clinicians for decision-making and providing better care.

Those taking insulin cannot live without a glucometer, as taking insulin without regularly monitoring your blood sugar levels could be life-threatening. One of the severe side effects of insulin is its overdose and resulting hypoglycemia.

How Accurate Are Glucometers?

This is perhaps the most common question asked by people. To begin with, yes, blood glucometers are quite accurate for day-to-day monitoring of blood glucose levels. However, they are less precise than expensive machines used in labs. These devices give you figures that are close to exact but not very precise estimates.

As per regulatory bodies, blood glucometers should not have more than a 15% error rate. In recent years, as technology has improved, regulatory agencies in some countries have started to demand an error rate of less than 10%. It means that most glucometers must not have an error rate of more than 15 mg/dL (or an accuracy of above 85%). That is pretty close, though not exact.

It is essential to know that these devices may also lose accuracy with time, and you need to calibrate them. You can calibrate most modern and more expensive glucometers with minimal effort. It is also recommended that one should get lab tests from time to time to know the exact status of blood sugar levels.

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Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder