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Tynor Orthotics Private Limited is India’s largest manufacturer of orthopaedic devices and fracture treatment devices. Now serving in international marketplace, they started as India’s first nationwide purveyor of orthopedic appliances. Before the rise of Tynor Orthotics, Indian patients faced a discouraging marketplace filled with local products of questionable quality and imported devices which were prohibitively expensive.

Tynor is the largest and perhaps the only company in India producing world-class orthopedic products that are affordable for the masses. It is not only a giant but a company known for range and quality. It sells its range of products in more than 40 countries. Its plants and products are ISO 9001 certified, WHO GMP and US FDA approved. Very few companies in India can boast of such achievements and recognition.

Position of Tynor today

Over the last 15 years, company grew rapidly to take its place as one of India’s two top orthopaedic brands. Today the company works with 500 dealers both within India and abroad. So in total, the company serves patients in more than 30 countries. The reliable products and superior designs are offering superior quality at affordable prices.

Their international operations currently cover countries all over the globe. Products are exporting to Mexico, France, Tunisia, Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, and more. Today the company works in collaboration with many of the world’s leading orthopaedic manufacturers, including Thuasne of France.

Products for injuries or trauma

So you have a knee problem? It has a variety of products to keep the knee joint supported and warm. Its products would help to immobilize the joints if needed. Whether you have a patellar dislocation, fracture, ligament and tendon injury, Tynor produces products for every need of knee joint.

When it comes to sprains, strains, cracks or fractures, ankles suffer most often than any other part of the body. Company realizes the importance of having a complete range of ankle care products.

Have you been unfortunate to get your limb fractured or neck strained? They have a range of tractions and braces to ensure that you heal well. Certain tractions are also helpful in inflammatory conditions of spine or neck.

Among cervical conditions whiplash injury is common. It is often the results of the motor accident. When it comes to neck, no injury should be treated as mild, as a person may not feel much pain at the time of injury, however, things may quickly get ugly with time. Best first aid and treatment in any neck injury is immobilization, and They have products for every neck size. These are products that have been tested by the trauma specialists.

Products for upper limb & spinal injuries

After lower limbs, injury or sprains of upper limbs are most common among the young and physically active. Such injuries occur not only due to accidents but also due to falls or even sports. Tynor produces products that would fit anyone and in any condition related to arms or wrists or even in case of injury of thumb. It also has a range of supporting products in case of fracture of upper limbs.

After 30s spinal injuries or other painful conditions become common. They are the result of false posture or wrong kind of movements. Taylor braces and supportive devices would help you to stay active in spinal pain.

Products for prevention

This brand is not only about injuries or trauma, but it also produces products that prevent injuries, products that provide comfort. We can avoid sprains and strains by using their many of supportive products. It produces silicon foot care products. That may help you to keep moving even if you have some foot disorder, or one can use those products to prevent injury.

Tynor also understands the need for various age groups. Young adults and children are more prone to falls and accidents, and company produces a full range of orthopedic products for them.

Aging is unpreventable, and as we age, specific age-related issues are unavoidable too. Tynor knows the value of producing ergonomically designed support sticks, walkers, and walking aids.