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No doubt that body weight is one of the most fundamental indicators for your well being. However, if a person is not extraordinarily obese or lean, body weight provides you very less information. Fortunately, lots have changed in last few decades; latest weighing scales like a body composition monitor can provide more information than one can imagine. These parameters can be used to monitor your risk of diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases. More importantly, it would give you more information about how healthy is your lifestyle, and progress in making healthy choices.

Top reasons to buy a Body Composition Monitor

It tells your body weight: Both the underweight and overweight are equally bad for health. Monitoring your weight would help you to become diet conscious and exercise conscious. Research has shown that those who use a weighing scale periodically tend to be fitter. Your ideal body weight is your height in centimeters, minus hundred. Thus if you are 170 cm in height, your perfect body weight is 70 kg.

It keeps your progress chart: Watching dynamics is essential, especially if you are making efforts to change your body weight. No need to remember your readings, body composition monitor will recall it for you.

Body Composition Monitor tells you about Body Fat Percentage & Visceral Fat

These are perhaps two most critical things that a Body Composition Monitor can show you. You may be interested that how can a weighing scale tell about the body composition accurately? Well, this device work on a principle called bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). It is a way of measuring the conduction of your body by passing immensely low current and thus getting an approximate estimate of your body’s fat content. It is one of the most accurate methods.

For precise readings one has to remember a couple of things. Always measure the body composition at the same time of the day, preferably in the morning after getting fresh (but before taking a bath). Always measure with dry skin, a change in moisture level may alter the readings.

Omron has a model that check impedance only in feet and an advanced model that also tests impedance in hands. Advanced models work better, as by checking readings in both hands and feet. It decreases the possibility of error. This is especially important when you do the body scanning during the day.

Body composition monitor also tell you about visceral fat, based on your body weight, BMI, height, and fat composition. Visceral fat also called as central obesity is considered more dangerous than general obesity, it is harmful to heart and blood vessels. Visceral fat is about fat accumulation around the internal organs (not below the skin). It causes the so-called lipotoxicity.

It tells about Resting Metabolism

Exercise and dietary planning are two strategies for optimal health. Resting metabolism is sometimes interchangeably used with basal metabolism. It is information about the calorie  requirement for a person to survive, energy spent for the basic functioning of organs like heart, intestines, and so on. Understanding resting metabolism would help you to optimize your diet for weight control. Body composition monitors has an advanced algorithm built in its artificial intelligence to calculate resting metabolism.

Automatically calculates BMI

We commonly use BMI as one of the readings to tell whether your body weight is optimal for good health or not. Body Composition Monitor would calculate it automatically for you based on body weight, and height. BMI below 18 is bad, between 18-25 is ideal, above 25 is overweight, while above 30 is obesity. Only one thing here is vital to understand that for Indians recommended ideal BMI is 18-23.

Body Composition Monitor can tell your muscular mass

You can also call it as lean mass. These devices would say how athletic you are, and how your exercise program is helping you to gain muscular weight, and at the same time inform you about success in shedding extra body fat.

Finally, a body composition monitor, with its artificial intelligence, predicts your body age. Thus it can become a part of your anti-aging program. So buy this intelligent monitor to maintain your body weight, lose extra fat, gain lean mass, stay healthy, and stay young.

Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic