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A TENS device (electronic pulse massager) is the short name for a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator. Using the TENS method transcutaneous or passing through skin, electrical nerve stimulation engages the body’s pain-relieving mechanisms. This treatment method reduces nerve and muscle pain through mild stimulation. Ultimately this means that a TENS stimulator helps you to alleviate your pain symptoms as a drug-free option. For active people, electronic pulse massager provides an experience of massaging. This has a very favorable effect on muscle tissue, working on such ailments as shoulder and neck stiffness. Generally, these devices are very good for soothing overall body fatigue and improving blood circulation in the treatment areas.

Difference between Omron TENS stimulators

Omron produces two different TENS stimulators: the basic Omron HV-F127 and the more advanced Omron HV-F128.

1. Omron HV-F127 TENS stimulator:

The Omron HV-F127 TENS stimulator has nine automatic courses, allowing you to select your favorite stimulation program, optimizing treatment according to your symptoms and needs. The HV-F127 has a Relieve button for muscle pain, a Region button that allows you to select the massage method according to your needs and four special modes that allow you to adjust the unit to your favorite stimulations.

2. Omron HV-F128 TENS stimulator:

The Omron HV-F128 goes several steps further than its baby brother, the HV-F127. The HV-F128 has 12 automatic courses to optimize your treatment and an additional Soothe button which is designed to relieve muscular stiffness when treated over a prolonged period of time. Hence this additional feature is suitable for long term treatment. The Omron HV-F128 also has five special modes, including the advanced Hyper mode which is designed to gradually increase the intensity during treatment. Lastly, an LCD screen indicates the remaining treatment time, the approximate frequency output and when the point or wide functions are activated.

How to Use an Electronic Pulse Massager

First turn the intensity adjustment dial to the off position. Then connect the electrode cord with the main unit and the electrode cord to the big pad. Next, clean the treatment area with soapy water or an antiseptic wipe. Lastly, attach each pad to the region you want to treat without bending the pad.

To start treatment turn on the power by rotating the intensity dial button downwards. The power turns on with a click sound and the treatment starts. Select one treatment method, either Relieve, Region or Massage. Adjust the intensity of the stimulation from 1 to 10. Please note that the maximum duration of the treatment time is 15 minutes and that treatment should be conducted on the same region once or twice per day. When the treatment ends turn off the power by rotating the intensity dial upwards. Also the power turns off with a click sound.

How to maintain Electronic Pulse Massager

1. Storing the unit after treatment: 

To store the unit after treatment turn off the power and remove the electrode cord plug from the main unit. Next, peel off the pad and lightly attach the pad to the electrode holder. Bundle the electrode cord and wrap it around the electrode holder and store the main unit and the electrode holder in the soft fabric case.

2. Maintaining the life of the pads:

In order to prolong the life of the pads simply wash the pad when the adhesive surface of the pad becomes dirty or if the pad is becoming too difficult to attach. Hence it is advisable to wash the pads after approximately 30 uses. Also the pads are washable a total of approximately 10 times. The life of the pad will vary with the frequency of washing, conditions of your skin, and the state of the pad’s storage. To wash a pad first switch off the electricity. Also from the pad, remove the electrode cord. Clean the pad gently for many seconds with your fingertips. To clean the pad, use slow running water . Allow pads to air dry. Then for storage, gently connect the pad to the holder of electrode.

Application of Electronic Pulse Massager

  1. Shoulders: Attach the pads symmetrically in the region of the shoulders with the backbone as the center.
  2. Joint: Attach the pads on both sides of the region that pain is present, either on the elbows or around the knee area.
  3. Arm: Attach the pads to the lower or upper arm.
  4. Sole of foot: Attach one pad to the sole and another one to the calf.
  5. Calf: Attach the pads to the upper and lower calf.
  6. Waist and lower back: Attach the pads symmetrically to the regions that you feel pain, with the backbone as the center.
Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic