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As name indicates, an ankle support provides support to your ankle. A physician may prescribe this to his patients or a physiotherapist might recommend it for ankle injuries or for preventing ankle injuries. Also those who believe that they can get more support with this might go out and purchase an ankle brace.

There are various types of ankle braces available on the market. The purpose of these supports are different. For example, if you sprained or strained your ankle, then wearing an ankle brace might help you stabilize it and it can mobilize your ankle. The goal of wearing a brace is to prevent further injury.

Benifits of an Ankle Support

Also, ankle braces can prevent additional stress on the ankle. It can help you avoid putting stress on the affected foot too. This might make walking easier, which is the main reason people buy and wear ankle braces.

The type of injury you have will play a role in what type of ankle support you should get. The most commonly used supports are maximum support braces, moderate support braces and bandages. There are supports available, which will prevent injury to you.

Ankle Supporting Products

Ecom Surgicals brings you a whole range of products from Tynor to support your ankle, help it in healing. These products are made to bring you back on your feet at earliest. Tynor splints, bracer, binders would help to recover from minor injury to severe fracture or surgical operation.

There are very few people who never had any kind of problem with the ankle. Ankle injuries along with spinal strains and sprains are most common debilitating problems. An estimation states that in India as many as 100-200,000 people get ankle injury each day!

Ankle injuries are most common in teenage and early twenties when a person is most active in sports and other physical activities. Almost half of the ankle injuries occur in this age group. Ankle injuries among sportsmen or women are widespread, though there have been very few studies, but one of the Indian research indicates that each year around 10% of athletes get ankle injury, and risk of an ankle injury during sporting carrier is almost 80%. Apart from professional sports, amateur cricket is also the frequent reason for injury in young Indians.

However, you do not need to be a sportsman to get ankle injury. Another common reason for an ankle injury is stepping on the uneven surface or falls.

Types of Ankle Injuries

Most common injuries are sprains, strains, and fractures. Either one of the several ligaments at joints get hurt, or muscles are stretched. In more severe cases fracture may occur. Ankle fracture requires lots of care, as immobilizing the foot is always tricky. However, thanks to various splints and unique walker boots by Tynor, a person can stay quite active during the healing process.

If you have injured your ankle, first aid should be RICE therapy (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). And orthopedic products form Tynor would help you in your treatment.

Tynor produces products for compression that help to decrease the swelling over the time; these compression bandages also have a warming effect. Another important thing in recovery from injury of surgical procedure is the immobilization of the affected joint, or decreasing the range of movements (depending on the seriousness of damage).

Tynor also produces the brace which are for crack or fracture of ankle bones. In many types of fractures, there is no need of plaster; these high-quality braces would completely immobilize the needed joint, and promote the healing. Hence, splints and braces are the primary choice for the treatment of fractures, while reserve the plasters for severe cases.

How to Care Ankles

The ankle is often the neglected part of the body. We realizes the importance of it generally by only after getting the injury. Thus strong recommendations are there to take timely steps to prevent the injuries to ankle by exercising the muscles in relation, eating a diet of balance. Other ways for ankle care are: avoid falling, reduce body weight, wear shoes according to the activity, run on flat surfaces.

Apart from ankle support products like bandages, splints, and braces, Tynor silicone insoles may also help to prevent ankle injuries.

Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic