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Compress, support and immobilize the ankle

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The Tynor ankle binder is designed to compress, support and somewhat immobilize the ankle in order to assist with the healing process after a sprain or injury. In this way, it can help control inflammation, edema or pain. This ultra-comfortable, soft brace consists of a compression sleeve and an elasticized strap that makes it simple to adjust to your specific ankle shape and size.

Size Chart

Ankle binder size chart

Features of Tynor Ankle Binder

  • A closed heel keeps the ankle binder from slipping around
  • Anatomic shape conforms to the lines and contours of your ankle and feet to provide a perfect fit
  • Four-way stretch fabric won’t make your foot and ankle feel tight and restricted
  • Controlled compression applies the compression where you need it most for maximum effects


The figure-eight elasticized wrap helps to improve the stability of the ankle, offering controlled compression and relief from pain while also preventing aversion or inversion injuries. Due to its anatomical shape, you can comfortably wear the wrap with a proper fit for all-day comfort. Easy ankle movement is possible while wearing it without sacrificing the benefits of the tight compressed hold.

The wrap features bi-layered cotton inside, which helps to improve comfort while absorbing sweat to keep you dry and cool. At the same time, the two-layered design with air space helps to retain body heat in order to more effectively reduce pain and speed up healing. The bi-layered nylon exterior promises durability while also improving its overall appearance. All of this is made possible while still employing four-way stretch technology. Hence you can comfortably walk or move your feet with ease.

How to Use

  • Slip the ankle binder over the foot and ankle and slide it into place
  • Wrap the elasticized band around the ankle and forefoot in order to secure it in place
Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic


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