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If you are looking for the best, and nothing less, then your obvious choice should be One Touch glucometers. It is a product of an innovative company that started its business in the mid-1980s and is now part of one of the biggest corporations in healthcare – Johnson & Johnson. The entire field of blood glucose monitoring changed dramatically when LifeScan Inc. introduced OneTouch Technology. After five years of independent operation, LifeScan joined the Johnson and Johnson organization in November 1986. Since then, One Touch has maintained its position at the forefront of the industry and helped countless patients with diabetes to improve their quality of life.

Pointless to state that One Touch is available almost in any country. Also it is widely available in India. Its strips and other consumables are available either online or in chemist shops nearby. But perhaps what set apart One Touch is its accuracy, its ability to produce and reproduce accurate results years after years, which are comparable to the results of expensive diagnostic labs.

Accuracy test of One Touch

In one of the trials, One Touch glucometer was tested for most of the following standard parameters:

Repeatability– it is a test of using several machines to test the concentration of glucose in a prepared solution. All the glucometers being tested gave precisely the same results, thus proving that all glucometer made by the company work equally well.

Intermediate precision– it is the test to check the behavior of glucometer with time. This is by using a single glucometer to test the glucose solution of known concentration several times a day. And each time One Touch produced the perfect results. It shows that not only all devices are made well but also their quality remains excellent even on prolonged usage.

System accuracy– investigators have put the unit to most stringent tests, that is a comparison with the most expensive and precise glucose analyzer.  Again, researchers found that it performed with accuracy higher than 95%.

Testing clinically– checking of any product in real life condition is the most important way to say about its quality and accuracy. Needless to say, One Touch has undergone tens if not hundreds of real-life clinical trials.

Specialty of One Touch Products

You can rely on the One Touch brand to meet all of your blood sugar monitoring needs. Also their portfolio includes blood glucose meters, lancing devices, test strips, and software to facilitate diabetes management and education. These products helps to make testing more accurate, more convenient, and less painful. They have earned a sterling reputation for reliability. Also it is the brand of choice for doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. Millions of users throughout India rely on One Touch products for accurate blood sugar measurements every day.

Highly-trained support staff and industry-leading customer service backs each One Touch system. The core customer service center in Mumbai connects customers to trained professionals. Hence you will get answer to all of your questions regarding blood sugar monitoring, meter operation, and other aspects of diabetes management.


Millions of satisfied users are the proof of quality for this brand. However, we also need to bring one fact to the reader’s attention, that comparing the performance of glucometer by self is not possible. Most labs would take the blood from the vein. And Calibration of glucometers are in a way to provide glucose level of capillary blood. Thus minor differences would always exist. These differences do not say that one method is superior to another. It merely means that each way has its limitations. However, manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson try to ensure that their devices always provide an accuracy of above 95%.

If you are looking for a glucometer that is affordable, and yet has been put to similar kind of clinical trials as million dollar analyzers, then this is the product to choose. Any healthcare corporation knows the value of providing extra information, education, and services. Thus One Touch comes with an educational website, and mobile apps to keep track of your data. Apps have several benefits like providing timely recommendations, allowing the sharing of data. When you use the App, your data stores in the cloud, which means that it is always safe.