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Only to be used with OneTouch Select Plus Simple Machine



Ideal for patients who frequently test their blood sugar, the One Touch Select Plus Strips 50’s Pack will ensure patients always have enough strips at hand. These test strips are for use specifically with OneTouch Select Plus systems exclusively and are not interchangeable with other readers.  Also, there are 50 test strips in each pack.

The One Touch Select Plus Test Strips 50’s Pack requires only a small amount of blood to give you an accurate reading with a requirement of only one μl. Thanks to its unique design, the blood absorbs into the channel quickly and will fill the confirmation window in seconds. Each of these strips will automatically adjust to accommodate any variations that may occur in red blood cells, so patients can have peace of mind that they will always get an accurate reading. These features all combine to create the OneTouch Select Test Strips. Also, these are ideal for use by any patient at any time.

How To Properly Handle the One Touch Select Plus Strips 50’s Pack

  • Be sure to touch the test strips with clean, dry hands; keep strips DRY
  • Also, do not reuse any test strip contaminated by blood or control solution

How To Insert the Test Strips Into the Reader

  • Put the channel in contact with the edge of the blood droplet
  • Wait for the confirmation window to fill
  • Turn the contact strip to face you. Also, insert the test strip into the test strip holder

Storing the One Touch Select Plus Test Strips 50’s Pack

  • Do not open the vial of test strips until you are prepared to immediately perform a test
  • Keep the strips in a cool, dry place
  • Also, after you take out a strip, immediately place the cap back on the vial tightly

What’s Included in the Package

  • One Touch Select Plus Simple Strips 50 Nos.
Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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Strip Expiry

July 2024


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  • Buyers need to contact the manufacturer directly for availing Warranty
  • Toll free number for Johnson & Johnson customer care is 1800 22 5544.


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