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This One Touch Select test strips 50‘s pack is for blood glucose testing with One Touch Select Simple Glucometer. Also Ecom Surgicals offers the most economical rate for glucometer strips and this One Touch Select test strips 50’s pack costs you Rs. 1049 only and it is an all inclusive price.

Important things to consider while using this One Touch Select test strips 50’s pack

This test strip is for in vitro diagnostic use only. It is for your self-testing with One Touch Select Simple Glucometer only. Please don’t store this strip box in your refrigerator. Also do not use these test strips after the expiry date. Moreover, you have to complete these test strips within 6 months from the date of opening the strip box. The ideal storage temperature for this strip box is below 30 degree Celsius. You can’t reuse the test strips. Once you get the reading, you need to dispose the strip.

One Touch Select Test Strips Price

You will get this strip box at a rate of Rs. 1049 now. This is the most economical rate and the stock at this rate is very limited. If you calculate the rate of 1 strip, it will come nearly Rs. 21. Hence you can buy your strips now itself before the price goes up.

Advantages of Home Blood Glucose Monitoring with One Touch Select Test Strips

Home blood sugar testing is crucial when it comes to proper diabetes care. When it comes to diabetic patients, keeping an eye on the blood glucose level can help paint a better picture of their overall health. In turn, this can help doctors plan the best course of treatment. With proper monitoring, the long term struggles of diabetes decreases. Hence it is very important to have a blood glucose monitor at home in order to manage your diabetes effectively.

If you test your blood sugar from home with this One Touch Select test strips 50’s pack, it will be significantly easier to keep your diabetes under control. You can adjust your exercise routines and diet in tandem with any unwanted or worrying spikes. Sudden shifts in your blood sugar level can be quite dangerous, and a number of different reasons can lead to fluctuations. Ongoing complications decreases with routine monitoring.

Also, it’s crucial to understand when you need to check your blood sugar levels. On a standard diabetic plan, it’s best to check it every early morning before you start your daily activities. To be even more thorough, you should consider checking once more about an hour and a half after your lunch.

One way to check blood glucose is in the early morning (fasting blood glucose), before breakfast or exercise. And the second strategy is monitoring blood glucose an hour after food intake (postprandial). Fasting glucose is useful for knowing the severity of diabetes, but postprandial may provide information regarding the effectiveness of treatment. Further, it must be noted that in those at risk of developing diabetes, postprandial blood glucose starts rising much before the fasting. Thus postprandial may also help healthy individuals in assessing the risk.

Why home blood sugar testing is important for Indians

Indians are more prone to diabetes when compared to their western counterparts; there are specific factors in their lifestyle that make them more prone to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Though Indians prefer vegetarian food and do not consume much animal fats, they at the same time cannot accumulate much fat. Blood sugar levels or Insulin resistance in Indians may rise even on consuming fewer calories when compared to western nations – it has something to do with genetics too. Further, Indians are not physically active; they do not engage in sports after a certain age, worst they are more prone to stress.

Hence, due to a combination of reasons, Indians are at higher risk of developing diabetes and related complications. Due to various social causes, a large number of them do not get a regular health checkup. Therefore, no surprise, that half of those living with diabetes in India are not even aware of their condition. One of the solution or way of controlling this epidemic is knowing about when to check, whom to test, and how to correct the blood sugar.

Who should check blood sugar?

  1. Those living with diabetes
  2. Those living with prediabetes (borderline diabetes)
  3. Those with a family history of diabetes
  4. Those with hypertension or other cardiac conditions, or family history of related diseases
  5. Overweight Individuals (especially those with BMI above 23)
  6. Those with waist size broader than 40 (men) or 35 (women)
  7. All individuals above the age of 45 must check blood sugar at least once a year, irrespective of health status

Further, those with sitting job are at higher risk. Thus office goers must check blood sugar more often or those engaged in professions with high-stress levels.

How to test your blood sugar?

Well, once you know that you are among the high-risk individual or you are already diagnosed with diabetes, you should regularly check blood glucose. There are two ways to get your blood sugar reading, one is through a lab test, and another is at home by using One Touch Select test strips 50‘s pack. Each method has its pros and cons.

Lab tests are accurate without any doubt, at least in most of the cases. But they are not cost-effective and a person cannot utilize such services frequently. It is the reason that self-monitoring of blood glucose with One Touch Select test strips 50‘s pack is essential.

More practical and realistic way of checking blood glucose is by using glucometer at home. Considering that more than half of the population above 30 years of age is at risk of developing diabetes, and 10-15% is already living with diabetes, it would be right to say that glucometer has to be present in every household.


Modern glucometers are quite accurate, as technology has evolved much in last few decades. These glucometers are calibrated to provide accuracy of labs. Moreover, at home one can check blood glucose more often, which would give richer data for present and future reference. Hence, it could be said that glucometer has to be in every home. And regular blood glucose monitoring with this One Touch Select test strips 50’s pack is necessary for all health conscious individuals; it is not just for those diagnosed with diabetes.

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