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Accu Chek Active Strips 50’s box is for measuring your blood glucose level from the comfort of your own home. This is manufactured by Roche Diagnostics for the purpose of measuring blood glucose with Accu Chek Active glucometer. For using this strips, you need an Accu Chek sofclix lancet & lancing device along with your monitor.

Features & Benifits of Accu Chek Active Strips

  1. Blood sample required is very less. 1-2 μL will be enough.
  2. You can measure blood glucose level 10 to 600 mg/dL
  3. You need to use capillary blood in this strip.
  4. Blood has to apply on the middle of the strip. It will then spread above the testing spot.
  5. Blood application on the testing strip is of 2 type. You can apply the blood either by inserting the strip on the glucometer or when the test strip is outside of the glucometer.
  6. If on the first attempt, enough blood is not applied on the strip, then you have the option to add the blood again. Re dosing should be within 10 seconds. This feature will help to avoid the strip wastage due to lack of required blood on the strip. Re dose option will be available only when you try the measurement by inserting the strip into the glucometer.
  7. You can check the quality of strip visually. For this purpose, there will be 5 colours available on the strip box which you can compare with the colour on the strip.
  8. Minimum hematocrit range is 20 and maximum 55 percentage when you apply the blood by inserting the strip into the glucometer. This will be 20 & 55 respectively when you apply the blood by taking the strip outside.
  9. The testing strips will remain stable up to the expiry date given. There is no need to complete it within 90 days of opening the box.

No black code chip in Accu Chek Active Strips 50’s box

You will not get black activation chip in your Accu Chek Active Strips 50’s box. Black chip replaces the green code chip and serves as one-time coding for your Accu Chek Active glucometer with a code-key slot. Please leave old black activation chip in your meter for permanently. If your meter does not have a code key slot, then forget about black code chip.

How to use Accu Chek Active Strips?

Take the strip box and open it carefully. Inside you’ll see some paper with technical information and a container of test strips. Take a test strip from the container and always remember to close the container tightly. This helps protect the remaining strips. The strip has a green test area in the center and two small arrows showing you which end to insert into the glucometer. Insert the test strip into the meter, a small flashing blood drop symbol will appear on the screen. This tells you that the meter is ready to test.

Now you have to take the blood using lancets. When lancing the finger, always use the side of the finger rather than the tip as it’s more comfortable and less sensitive. Now prime the lancing device, push the plunger all the way down. The release button on the side of the device has now turned yellow, this indicates that the lancing device is primed and ready to use.

Press the pin hole opening on the lancing device cap firmly against the side of your finger and press the yellow release button. Massage the finger in the direction of the fingertip to help the blood drop full. Apply the blood to the center of the green test area on the strip. When enough blood has been applied, a small hour glass symbol will appear on screen to show you that the meter is working. Your blood sugar reading will be ready in five seconds, it’s just that easy. Now you have your blood sugar reading.

How to dispose the used strip & lancet?

Two important final steps, first, dispose of the used strips, then dispose of the used lancet. Always dispose of the used lancets so that they cannot cause injury. Use the sharps container, remove the cap then point the lancing device into the container and eject the lancet by sliding the ejector forward as shown. Then place the cap back on the lancing device. Also put everything into the carry case for the next time you need to test. You’ll find more information in the user’s manual that came with your meter.

What all included in your purchase?

You will get the following things when you purchase this item.

  1. Accu Chek Active Strips 50 Nos.
  2. Instruction for use sheet

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  1. This Product is having 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase.
  2. Buyers need to contact the manufacturer (Roche Diagnostics) directly for availing Warranty.
  3. Toll free number for Roche customer care is 1800 120 6020


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