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One Touch Select Plus Simple Glucometer is a very simple to use blood glucose monitoring system from Jhonson & Jhonson. Unlike other blood glucose monitors available, it doesn’t need a coding. There is no ON/OFF buttons for this machine. When you insert the strip, your machine will get ON, and when you remove the strip, it will automatically get OFF. Also this glucometer is having an interface which is icon driven. There is no need of setup. Hence it is called as a simple glucometer.

One Touch Select Plus Simple Glucometer will alert you for High/Low readings

This blood glucose monitor alerts you for high or low readings. There are 3 levels for this,

  1. Extremely high
  2. High
  3. Low.


It will give you both audio & colour alerts to you, when you get a high or low blood sugar readings. Many people doesn’t understand the low sugar level occurring and the consequences of it. Hence this feature is very important and useful.

Another feature is faster result. It will take just 5 seconds to display the result. Your One Touch meter matches the accuracy standards for ISO. This is a quality glucometer from Jhonson & Jhonson. The company is known for its trust and quality for years.

Benifits of One Touch Select Simple Glucometer

Your glucometer has an alarm reference card for high/low readings. Hence it will help your doctor to decide your treatment plans and corrective measures, which will help you to manage with high and low blood sugar problems.

Also when you purchase strip boxes, you will get points, which you can convert to buy extra lancets and strips. This is known as One Touch Zone.

Your Purchase Includes

  1. One Touch Select Simple Glucometer with battery
  2. 10 Testing Strips for blood sugar testing
  3. For taking blood sample, you will get lancing device & 10 lancets (Steriled)
  4. Also you will get 1 Case for easy carrying during travel
  5. Warranty card and instruction guide for your glucometer
  6. Alarm reference card for high/low readings.


OneTouch Select Simple is a standard glucometer which provides daily observation of the blood sugar level at home. It is capable of giving results just within five seconds. It displays user-friendly operational instructions. A prerequisite warning system makes it easy to know whether your outcome is high or low.

Working Mechanism                                                          

This machine measures the blood glucose by way of an electric current generated at the test strip. Glucose in blood sample blends with particular substances present in the composition of the test strip and a tiny electrical current is created and measured from the tube. Evaluation results obtained through blood plasma makes it a lot easier for patients to evaluate glucometer reading efficiently.

User-Friendly device

This One Touch machine works most efficiently and just as genuinely. You have to add the test strip to start the diagnostic procedure on glucometer, then put on the blood sample taken after the sterile finger-prick. First of all read directions, perform the test and check your blood sugar. Do all of quality control tests as advised and consult with a physician.

Result Interpretation

As far as the result interpretations are concerned, One Touch machine is capable of evaluating its own results as well as laboratory test results from blood plasma. There is a possibility that readings may vary from laboratory results due to regular variation. The blood sugar value must be normal within normal health conditions.

The One Touch Select Test Strip package insert gives essential details and guidelines for making a valid correlation between glucometer and laboratory findings. To perform a proper correlation between One Touch glucometer and lab results, follow the instructions provided along with the blood sugar monitor manual.

Additional Benefits

One Touch glucometer is quite simple in usage. There is no pre-setup required before use. Secondly, there is no coding involved. It is capable of providing audio notification in case of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. The results are instant and highly accurate. Older adults can use it with ease and comfort.

Blood sugar monitoring has a significant function in diabetes management. Long-Term researches shows that keeping blood glucose levels near normal can decrease the probability of cardiovascular disease by around 60 percent. Hence the significance of highly accurate monitor like One Touch Select is very high.

The other important advantage of One Touch Select Simple glucometer is its affordability. No doubt it is the highly accessible and accurate glucometer without compromising on the quality. The strips of One Touch Select Simple monitor are also available at the economical price as compared to other brands.

Along with all these advantages, there are few drawbacks for this machine. One of them is, there is no backup light on the display screen of glucometer. Secondly, there is no memory capability for this device. As it is a small portable glucometer, therefore regarding regular monitoring of blood sugar, the battery may last up to 2-3 months only.

If you do not have an issue with the memory of glucometer, then One Touch Select Simple glucometer is superior with highly accurate results available at an economical price.

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  1. This Product is having free Life-time Manufacturer Warranty.
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  1. Ramesh H Dixit

    One touch glucometer is so good; I am diabetic for almost last 10 years. I was looking to update from my old glucometer. I was looking for something that is affordable, yet there is not compromise on the design. At first I thought that One touch is some small local company, but on some search I was amazed to learn that it is product of one of the biggest multinationals in the world. Despite such a lovely design, it is so affordable, and its strips are among the least prices. What can a person like me living with diabetes since so long can ask for. Guy I strongly recommend this glucometer, trust my experience, look no further, and here at this website I found the lowest of price.

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