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Accu Chek is the glucose meter for accurate checking of blood glucose levels, whether a person has diabetes or is merely a health conscious. Considering that almost one-third of adults are at risk of developing diabetes in India, time-to-time glucose monitoring is a must for all people above the age of 30.

Accu Chek is one the leading brands of glucometer globally. Its leadership is the most prominent proof of its quality. Roche Diagnostics, which is one of the biggest healthcare company in the world, makes Accu Chek devices. Roche Diagnostics is a subdivision of Roche Holding AG, a Swiss company that was founded in 1896. There is no country where one cannot find the glucometers made by Roche. In India company is selling Active, Aviva, and Performa models.

There are many reasons to buy Accu Chek India products

Perhaps the most relevant reason to go for Accu Chek brand is its global leadership. It is the most selling brand in the world. It not only means consumer trust and accuracy, but it also means that one can readily acquire the test strips. Sometimes, people make the mistake of choosing an unknown brand either on the recommendation of some relative, doctor or just due to lack of knowledge. However, then they are helpless with the device, as after few years they discover that testing strips are no more available for the device.

Other reasons to buy Accu Chek India products are:

  1. The comparison of these devices took place in many clinical studies to provide results as accurate as large-scale testing labs
  2. Glucometers are maintenance free and comes with the manufacturer’s warranty for manufacturing defects
  3. It has memory to store older readings
  4. These devices can provide an average of up to last 90 days, which may be more useful in some cases
  5. Best of all, it is among the very few glucometers that come with USB port for transfer of information to a desktop computer for future reference. In diabetes, maintaining historical data is quite important

What about the cost in comparison to other brands?

People say that quality always comes at a cost. However, Accu Chek India products are perhaps an exception. Its price is almost at par with other lesser known brands. There may be some other brands claiming to be bit cheaper. But most of those brands, unlike Accu Chek are not well calibrated or tested. It means that there is no reason to trust those brands.

Why trust Accu Chek?

The reason is simple, it is a device that has got approval from most of the health ministries. Also these approvals require intense testing for years. Accu Chek devices are widely available in the US, EU, and most other nations in the world.

Accu Chek glucometers has an ergonomic design; it means that it has gone through stringent human tests for ease of use. Though it may sound a small thing, its display is easier to read, results are quick. Also anyone can interpret the results of the test with ease and without any prior preparation.

In conclusion, one can say that Accu Chek has all the features that one can ask for in a glucometer. Also it is comparable in price to just any other glucometer. In fact, due to high manufacturing quality, it would serve you much longer than other brands. Hence in the long term, it would be less costly than other lesser known brands.