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This One Touch Select strips 25‘s pack is for blood sugar monitoring with One Touch Select Simple glucometer only. Box contains 25 testing strips. Moreover, we offer the most economical price for blood glucose testing strips and the price for this One Touch Select strips 25‘s pack is Rs. 650 and this includes delivery charges plus GST.

Important points to remember when using this One Touch Select strips 25’s pack

These testing strips are for in vitro diagnostic purpose only. This is for your own self-monitoring with One Touch Select Simple glucometer only. Please do not keep this strip bottle in your refrigerator. Also it is not recommended to use these test strips after the expiry date mentioned on the bottle. Also, you must finish these testing strips before 6 months from the opening date of the strip box. The ideal temperature for storing this strip box is less than 30 degree Celsius. Do not reuse these testing strips.  Once you finish the testing, destroy the strip safely without reaching to kids.

Price of One Touch Select strips 25’s pack

Now you can purchase this One Touch Select strips 25‘s pack at an economical rate of Rs. 625. This is the most competent price and the inventory at this price is very short. If you estimate the rate per strip, it is almost Rs. 25 per strip. Hence purchase this strip box now it self and the rates are available till the stock lasts.

Benefits of monitoring blood sugar from home

When it comes to proper diabetes management, blood sugar monitoring from home is very important. For a diabetic patient, regular monitoring of the blood sugar can help to get an exact picture of their total health. Moreover, this will help your doctor to plan the best treatment for you. With an organized blood sugar monitoring, the long term complications of diabetes reduces. Hence to control your diabetes successfully, it is a must to have a blood sugar monitor at home.

Naturally, it will be helpful to bring your diabetes under control, if you test your blood glucose from home. You can make changes to your diet & exercise routines in tandem with any worrying or unwanted spikes. Quick changes in your blood glucose level are very dangerous, and many contrasting reasons can bring these variations. In short, with regular monitoring, ongoing complications reduces.

Also, it is important to realize when you have to monitor your blood glucose levels. On a normal diabetic control program, it is ideal to test it each early morning before you begin your daily routines. To be even more specific, you must consider testing once again with One Touch Select strips 25‘s pack about one and a half hour later your lunch.

Important things while monitoring blood sugar

Since now it is well-accepted that self-blood glucose monitoring with One Touch Select strips 25‘s pack is the best way to sugar control and has to be an essential part of any diabetes care control program. Thus people got to know few things about getting an accurate reading each time. People must also learn to take care of their equipment or devices. Though using a blood glucometer is a pretty straightforward task, that requires a bit of practice, but knowing few things can improve the quality of results.

We have already written a detailed article regarding the home usage of blood glucometer. Here is the collection of few more tips that may help you to get more accurate results years after years and prolong the life of your device.

Six tips for successful blood sugar monitoring

1. Keeping Adequate Quantity

Keep your supplies of consumables in adequate quantity, neither too much nor too less. Thus you should have enough of alcohol swabs, lancets (avoid reusing them), One Touch Select strips 25‘s pack, and so on.

2. Storage of strips

Ensure that testing strips are not expired and pay specific attention to their storage. In countries like India whether may be quite hot in summer and people may often store the medications and strips in the refrigerator. However, storing strips in a fridge is not something recommended by the manufacturers, nor it has been tested how such temperature fluctuations would affect their accuracy. Best thing to do it just chose a darkest and coldest spot in your home for storage, and surely a place that is away from sunlight. Storage temperature should not exceed 300 After opening the pack, all the test strips should be used within 2-4 months or as instructed by the manufacturer. If you do not intend to check blood glucose often, do not buy One Touch Select strips 25‘s pack in large quantities.

3. Consultation with doctor

Each diabetes patient is different, so it is better to establish the routine of self-blood glucose testing in consultation with your treating doctor. How often you check would depend on too many factors like the severity of diabetes, daily fluctuations, how well does your diabetes respond to medication, and whether you use insulin or not.

4. Accuracy

Do not worry if your results differ from the lab, but do not assume that your glucometer is inaccurate. Anything within the range of 10% (difference in lab test and results of home testing) is more or less tolerable. However, if you have a doubt, it is better to test the accuracy of your glucometer with the help of testing or standard solutions. These are the solutions of known strength.

5. Keep a record

Make a habit of keeping a log of your test results. Most people in India do not maintain the information log, it can be done either on paper, or you can download an app. Adequately logged information can provide wealthy information to the treating doctors and can assist in better decision making.

6. Safe practice

Finally, share the safe diagnostic practices. Avoid sharing your One Touch Select strips 25‘s pack, lancet or glucometer with anyone else. Dispose of lancet & strip after a single use. It is also important to prevent sore fingertips, thus better prick on the sides of the fingers, where it is less painful and more readily gives the drop of blood. So instead of a fingertip, better prick the sides. Further, make it a habit to change the fingers each time.

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