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A doctor recommends Soft Cervical Collar for supporting, immobilizing, or for adjusting the neck in the right posture. Comparing to hard cervical collar, you need it where a controlled or partial immobilization of the neck region is necessary. By limiting your neck activity, a cervical collar decreases your pain and swelling. It is mostly recommended for acute soft-tissue neck injuries and for shorter period of time.

Features & Benefits of Soft Cervical Collar

  1. It is made up of high density PU foam, hence shape will remain intact even after continuous use
  2. Rust-proof polypropylene eyelets ensures comfort and also easy ventilation
  3. Cotton stockinette with high thread count provides skin friendly experience. Also it is durable and comfortable
  4. It has an anatomical shape
  5. No allergy problems and also color is matching with skin

How to measure the size?

Measure the length between lower jaw and sternum edge. While measuring, your neck should be in extension position.

size chart for soft cervical collar

How to Use Soft Cervical Collar

Your doctor will tell you how long you have to use it. When you get more relief from your pain, you can remove the cervical collar for a short period of time each day. You can gradually increase this time until you no longer need the cervical collar.

  1. Look straight while keeping your chin parallel to the floor
  2. Place the cervical collar close-fitting around your neck and attach the fastners
  3. Make sure that you are breathing without any difficulty
  4. Remove the collar and put it once again if you feels too tight
  5. You can place cotton padding in between your skin and cervical collar. This is beneficial if you have any skin irritation due to collar.

For Radiculopathy caused by Foraminal Stenosis, place the wide part of the soft cervical collar posteriorly and thin part anteriorly. This will discourage extension, promote flexion of neck, and open the intervertebral foramina.

Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic

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