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Tynor Knee Cap with Patellar Ring is a newly arrived knee support which gives compression, stabilization, support, and grip to the unstable or weak knee. Also it consists of silicon patellar ring and has an anatomical shape. It is having multi axial spring hinge and hence can be stretched in four ways. Also contents are polyamide, spandex, silicon, and rubber.

Features of Tynor Knee Cap with Patellar Ring

  1. It has a double layered body. This helps to retain warmth and provides quick healing.
  2. All the vibrations around the patellar tendon and patella are absorbed by silicon pad. Hence patellar tendon gets optimal support and comfortable compression.
  3. The silicon pad has a nodular surface. Hence it improves proprioception, gives massage to the area, improves blood circulation and there by healing.
  4. High quality nylon yarn is used for the manufacturing. Hence the product has appealing aesthetics, color fastness and high durability.
  5. It has a comfortable grip, compression, and snug fitting without bunching at the back. This is mainly due to the stretching option in four ways.
  6. Anterior patellar opening positions the patella in patellar dislocations. Also it relieves the pressure of patellar.
  7. It has a single spiral elastic yarn and special interlocking weave. This will give compression uniformly. Uneven limb surface also gets uniform compression. Hence you will get optimal compression and firm support with this Tynor Knee Cap with Patellar Ring. 

How to select your size?

Knee Size Chart

XL      22-24.4 Inches            55-61 Cm

Also you have to take the measurement around mid thigh. That means circumference approximately  6 inches above the knee as shown in the above figure.

Applications of  Tynor Knee Cap with Patellar Ring

  1. Mild instability of the knee joint
  2. Warmth, compression and support to the weak knee
  3. Swellings and effusions of the knee
  4. Arthritic knee conditions
  5. Post operative, post surgical or post trauma management
  6. Patello femoral syndrome
  7. Injury to meniscus
  8. Also support to geriatric or very active sports knee
  9. Patella chondroplasty

Hence whether you are active in sports or are in the starting stage of arthritis, this product is useful for you. Buy it today itself for you or your dearest one.


Contact with oil or massage oils can substantially reduce the life of this Tynor Knee Cap with Patellar Ring. Hence wipe the area properly before use. 

Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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