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Monitor your weight and BMI in a quick and easy way!



Omron is one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices globally. Omron Body Scan HBF 224 Body Composition Monitor is capable of measuring various body health markers. The device is capable of calculating the Body Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), Visceral Fat Percentage, Resting Metabolism, Body Age and Skeletal Muscle Percentage. This body composition monitor provides simple and easy solutions for these health markers within a matter of seconds.

Omron HBF 212 Body Composition Monitor has an impressive weight accuracy of ± 0.4 kg from 2.0 to 40.0 kg and ± 01% from 40.0 to 150.0 kg. It powers with 4 AAA manganese batteries with an average life of one year with 4 measurements per day when operated at a temperature of 23⁰ C. The device weighs around 1.3 kg which includes the batteries. It accurately measures the BMI, Body Fat Percentage for people from 06 to 80 years whereas for the Visceral Fat Levels the range is 18 to 80 years.

Features & Benefits of Omron HBF 212 Body Composition Monitor

This Omron HBF 212 Body Composition Monitor provides you the following information.

Body Mass Index (BMI): It is the ratio between the height and the weight of a person. Also the BMI is displayed in the ranges from 2.5 to 90.0 with increment of 0.1.

Body Fat Percentage:  It is expressing in terms of percentage. The device can measure the fat percentage from 5.0 to 50.0% with increment of 0.1%.

Visceral Fat Percentage: Visceral fat is closely associated with the fat amount in the bloodstream. It measures in levels from 1 to 30 with increment of 1 level.

Body Weight: This body composition monitor is capable of measuring the body weight form 2 to 150 kg with the increment of 0.1 kg.

Resting Metabolism: The device is capable of measuring the resting metabolism of the body as well.

Skeletal Muscle Percentage and Body Age: The device is capable of measuring the skeletal muscle percentage as well as body age.

Memory for 4 Users: The Omron HBF 212 Body Composition Monitor can store the health data for up to 4 people with ages from 06 to 80 years and heights from 100 to 199.5 cm.

Suitable for Kids:  The Omron HBF-212 Body Composition Monitor is suitable for kids above 5 years of age.

Best time to measure with Omron HBF 212 Body Composition Monitor

It is recommended that the measurements should be taken under the same circumstances and environment every day. Hence the appropriate times are:

  1. After Waking up in the morning before breakfast
  2. Two hours after the breakfast and before lunch
  3. 2 hours after lunch in the afternoon before having dinner or taking a bath.
  4. 2 hours after the dinner or taking a bath before going to sleep.

Short Description on Various Parameters It Measures 

  1. Body Mass Index (BMI): Body Mass Index (BMI) is basically the ratio between a person’s height and weight and is intended to measure the tissue mass of the person and can be calculated with the following formula. BMI = {weight (kg) / height (m)} / height (m)
  2. Body Fat Percentage: Body Fat Percentage is the percentage of the total amount of body fat in context with the body weight measured by below formula. Body fat percentage (%) = {Body fat mass (kg) / Body weight (kg)} × 100
  3. Visceral Fat Level: Visceral fat levels are referred to the fat surrounding the internal organs of the body and it is closely associated with the amount of fats in the body’s bloodstream. Also this increase in the levels of these lipids can result in diabetes and hyperlipidemia making it difficult for the insulin hormone to transfer the energy from bloodstream into the cells. Maintain acceptable levels of the visceral fats in order to improve the outlook of common diseases. Increased levels of visceral fats can lead to a condition called “Metabolically Obese”. It refers to increased levels of fat in the body with normal BMI.

Postures to Avoid During Measurement

Avoid the following postures while using the Omron HBF 212 Body Composition Monitor. These postures can lead to inaccurate measurements of body composition.

  1. Standing with the knees bent.
  2. Standing on the device feet positioned incorrectly on the electrodes.
  3. Sitting on the device in a crouching position.

Package Contents for Omron HBF 212 Body Composition Monitor

Body Composition Monitor01
AAA Manganese Batteries04
Instruction Manual01


Additional information







Height Settings

100 to 199.5 cm

Power Supply

4 AAA Manganese batteries (R03)

Battery Life

1-Year with 4 times a day

Weight Display

2 to 150 Kg with an increment of 0.1 Kg

Body Fat % Display

5 to 50% with an increment of 0.1%

Skeletal Muscle % Display

5 to 60% with an increment of 0.1%

BMI Display

2.5 to 90 with an increment of 0.1

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