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Each year your kid can have up to six respiratory infections which create problems not only with breathing but also with sleeping and eating. Omron DuoBaby is useful for parents in these scenarios. DuoBaby is an innovative two-in-one compressor nebulizer with integrated nasal aspirator which clears the nose of your kid gently and effectively. Also, it provides efficient nebulization. There is a storage container where you can store the nebulizer accessories easily. Also this pediatric nebulizer comes with a total of 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Before using the nasal aspirator, you have to loosen the mucus by using a saline solution. Then switch on the device and keep the aspirator in the baby’s nostrils by placing your finger on the finger opening of the aspirator. Also the finger opening closes the flow of air to generate suction. The nasal aspirator of DuoBaby can remove mucus to relieve congestion and decrease the risk of respiratory infections. Also the collection chamber of nasal aspirator can collect up to 7ml of nasal secretions.  It is also fully washable, completely hygienic and easy to use because of its innovative venturi system.

After finishing the aspirator use, you can proceed with a nebulization with two exchangeable inhalation tops. It can be used to treat both upper airways diseases like rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis as well as lower airways diseases like asthma, and bronchitis.

Also for operating it, you need to select the right inhalation top. Then add the medication in the drug chamber and place the mouthpiece or mask on the inhalation top to start the nebulization.

Features and benefits of Omron DuoBaby

  1. Specially developed for kids
  2. No contamination of the compressor
  3. Antibacterial filter not necessory
  4. Gently clears the nose
  5. Provides upper and lower airway treatment
  6. Storage compartment for accessories

Contents of Omron NE C301 Pediatric Nebulizer

  1. Compressor Nebulizer
  2. Air Tube
  3. Nasal Aspirtor
  4. Inhalation top for upper airways (green)
  5. Inhalation top for lower airways (blue)
  6. Mouthpiece
  7. Baby Mask
  8. Instruction Manual
Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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NE-C301 DuoBaby

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1 review for Omron NE-C301 DuoBaby Compressor Nebulizer with Nasal Aspirator

  1. Rakesh L. Upadhay

    Have been living with chronic bronchitis since long, my doctor prescribed to use nebulizer, at first I have quite hesitant and of course much worried about the costs. I have heard earlier that these things are quite expensive. But then found this website, they have the price I can afford, and yet there is not compromise in quality. I am so happy with the nebulizer I recieved. delivery was quick and on time. thanks guys.

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