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High Output Nebulizer suitable for Hospitals, Clinics, & Home use.

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Omron Nebulizer NE C900 offers easy operation for medical staffs. This is a high output hospital nebulizer for universal usage. Hence it offers efficient nebulization for both hospital & home use. Also it has a grip handle which ensure easy handling. It is very easy to prepare the kit for nebulization and easy cleaning after nebulization.

This is a medical device that converts the liquid medication into the vapor form or a mist form. The patient inhales this mist or vapor form. The device is used for the patients with pulmonary disorders where the medication is effectively deposited directly into the lungs. Also the device is used for the treatment of patients with Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), allergies and other pulmonary disorders.

It is an efficient nebulizer with high output compressor with 220 VA of power consumption and a maximum medication tank capacity of 7 ml. The optimum medication quantities of the device range from 2 ml to 7 ml. Also it has two parts for convenient solution preparation, loading of medicine and the cleaning of nebulizer. It is for using in professional settings like hospitals, clinics as well as in the general household settings. Hence this is a home as well as hospital nebulizer. The compressor weighs around 2.2 kg and comes with a handle for safe carriage of the device.

How Omron Nebulizer NE C900 works

The high output compressor compresses the air with the help of a compressor pump and is pumped into the medication of the kit. The medication is also pumped into the medication channel and is mixed with the compressed air. This mixture of the compressed air and medication is then converted into fine particles in the nozzle and sprayed with the help of a baffle.

Features & Benefits of Omron Nebulizer NE C900

  1. Suitable Particle Size: It is capable of producing the uniform sized fine mist of particle size of 3 micrometers Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter (MMAD) which not only allows the solution to effectively reach the inner pulmonary tree but also improves the absorption of the medication from pulmonary surfaces.
  2. Effective Nebulization Rate: The nebulization rate is 0.4ml/min.
  3. Easy and Simple to Use: It is very handy and provides simple one button operation without the requirement of any technical expertise. Hence this simple one-button operation of the device allows the medical staff to increase their work efficiency.
  4. High Output Compressor: Provides 7 liter airflow per minute at a pressure of 100 kPa.

How to use this Omron Nebulizer

  1. First of all connect the air tube with the connector on the high output compressor.
  2. Hold the medication tank and make sure the tank is clean and dry. Now fill the medication in the medication tank. Also remember that the appropriate amount of the medication ranges from 2 ml to 7 ml in the medication tank.
  3. Take the inhalation top and attach it on the top of the medication tank. Also the inhalation top and the medication tank together make the Nebulizer kit.
  4. Now attach the mouthpiece on the inhalation top where the mouthpiece will fix in a specific place.
  5. Mount the medication tank assembly on the nebulizer kit holder on the front side of the high output compressor.
  6. Now attach the air tube at the bottom of the medication tank with its other end already fixed in air tube connector in compressor.
  7. Hold the nebulizer kit assembly and turn on the power switch.
  8. Also closely check if the aerosol is coming from the nebulizer kit.
  9. Now put the mouthpiece in the mouth and inhale and exhale normally for the prescribed time

How to clean Omron Nebulizer NE C900

Cleaning is an important part of the nebulizer operation and is essential for the seamless performance of the device as well as avoidance of any infection to the end user. Also there are two types of parts of the nebulizer viz washable and non-washable parts. Hence use different cleaning methods for the washable and non-washable parts.

  1. Wash the washable parts of the nebulizer after every use by rinsing with mild detergent in warm water. Also make sure that the detergent should be neutral in nature.
  2. Medication tank, inhalation top, mouthpiece, nosepiece, and PVC masks constitute the washable parts of the nebulizer.
  3. Non-washable parts of the nebulizer include compressor and air tubing. Hence clean the non-washable parts with a clean and soft moistened cloth.
  4. Change the air filters once in 6 months instead of washing.

Box contents 

The Omron Nebulizer NE C900 comes with the following contents.

Items Quantity
Compressor01 piece
Nebulizer Kit (Inhalation Top + Medication Tank)01 piece
Air Tube (PVC) (200 cm)01 piece
Mouthpiece01 piece
Adult Mask (PVC)1 piece
Child Mask (PVC)01 piece
Spare Air Filters 5  pieces
Instruction Manual01 piece
Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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Rating (AC Adapter)

AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz


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  2. Rajpal Grewal

    I has diagnosed with COPD few years back, but recently my condition worsened, my doctor has long been saying to take medications with nebulizer as they are more effective, but I was reluctant as I did not know that nebulizer is so simple to use. It bought me much more relief than aerosols. I am happy that I could find professional grade nebulizer here at such a good price, thanks to this website!

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