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What is a Pedometer and How can this Device Help You Boost Your Fitness?

Before we take a look at what is a pedometer, let’s first look at the importance of it. Insufficient amount of exercise have been shown to cause a number of adverse effects on the human body. Several studies have found that people who do not gain enough exercise are at a significantly higher risk of developing chronic diseases. This includes diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoarthritis, and many more.

A lot of people think that fitness means they have to attend a gym every single day and partake in excessive exercise protocols in order to achieve ideal body weight and improve their health. While going to the gym certainly has benefits to offer, there are other ways to boost your fitness. Walking is one particularly effective way to attend your general well-being, without pushing your body too far.

The Benefits of Walking

Many people think that walking is an activity that does not contribute to fitness. They think that the activity does not get the heart pumping like a run on the treadmill. Walking is not as intense as some other exercises. But still there are many health benefits that have a direct association with walking.

According to one particular study, scientists have found that even when a person participates in low-intensity exercises, which includes walking, of course, the risk of developing coronary heart disease is greatly reduced.

A scientific publication explains that walking is able to strengthen and target multiple muscles in the human body. This includes the muscles found in the following areas:

  1. Legs
  2. Lower trunk
  3. Limb-girdle

There is an improvement in metabolism. Also the body’s ability to effectively deal with insulin and glucose enhances. Furthermore, the publication also explains that walking seems to have benefits in place for improving bone health as well.

The Role of a Pedometer

Thanks to modern-day technology, it is now possible to track your own level of fitness and your progress toward specific goals in ways that were never possible before. One perfect example of how technology is helping people walk more comes in the form of a pedometer.

What is a Pedometer

Before we take a look at what a pedometer can do for you and what to look for, let’s first look at a common question: what is a pedometer?

A pedometer is a type of activity tracker that uses special sensors to detect movement. In the majority of cases, these devices come in the form of portable products that you have to wear around your wrist. There are other varieties available as well, such as pedometers that sit at your hips.

The sensors are able to detect movement – certain movements would provide a count for a single step taken. These steps taken are then counted, and you are presented with a total number.

A pedometer is a relatively simple and basic version of an activity tracker. This particular option is perfect for people who do not want too much complications. You simply want to put a wristband on and start walking. Still you will be able to have a quick overview of how many steps you are taking, and whether or not you are able to reach your daily step count goal.

What Can a Pedometer do for You?

Being able to keep track of the steps you have taken during a day at any given time can be more helpful than you think. A team of researchers compiled a paper that describes the potential benefits that an activity tracker, even one as simple as a pedometer, is able to offer the general population.

The researchers explain that the fact that data are displayed in steps taken makes it easier to measure your performance. You are able to set goals for yourself based on data that have been released following scientific studies. Also you get to measure your performance against those goals.

Apart from giving you an overview of how well you are doing, the fact that you get to measure your own performance up to guidelines that have been set for you also acts as an inspiration. This makes you feel more motivated to get up and move more, with the idea of reaching your goals.

Choosing the Right Pedometer

When buying a pedometer or an activity tracker, it is important to note that you need to get your hands on a quality option. Failing to do some initial research could cause you to end up with a device that is unable to provide you with accurate measurements.

By taking a couple of factors in mind while shopping for a pedometer, you are able to ensure the device you buy can provide you with the performance of expectation. While shopping for a pedometer, take a look at the following factors:

  1. Consider how user-friendly the product is and also take your own preferences into account. Some people may prefer a device that will only submit data to their smartphone, while others want a product with a built-in display unit that can give them a reading on their performance at any time.
  2. Take note of how accurate the product is. You can try to find some reviews to see if any previous users have complained about accuracy issues.
  3. Some times you may prefer a product with a built-in display. Then make sure you are able to read the display on the screen easily.
  4. Consider the price of the product as well, while also keeping your own budget in mind.


Walking is a great way to keep the body active. Also it avoid the potential adverse effects associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The use of a pedometer provides an accurate way of achieving daily goal in terms of steps taken. Also it serves as a motivational tool. Understanding what factors to look at when buying a pedometer can help you make a better decision when you have a large selection of these gadgets to choose from.

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