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What Can You do to Bring Down Your Blood Sugar Quickly?

Some people are more prone to swings in blood sugar levels, and that is bad for health. Extreme blood sugar levels are more common in type 1 diabetes as compared to type 2 diabetes, the reason being the absolute deficit of insulin in type 1. Home remedy for high blood sugar may work exceptionally well in type 2 diabetes.

With time many people learn to recognize the symptoms of high blood sugar, though no doubt that glucometer remains the better and more reliable way of doing that. Generally, during the bouts of extremely high blood sugar a person would feel extreme fatigue (as glucose is unable to enter brain and muscle cells), headaches, blurring of vision, thirst, and frequent urination (as the body tries to get rid of extra glucose through urination).

In type 1 diabetes these swings of high blood sugar are best controlled with the help of insulin. While in type 2 diabetes they may happen either after consuming high-calorie diet or in cases when oral drugs are no more effective in controlling the blood sugars. Anyway, longer the blood sugar remains elevated, higher is the risk of damage to the nerve cells and blood vessels. Thus apart from medications a person may take certain steps to bring down the blood sugar levels. Natural methods may work exceptionally well in type 2 diabetes (90% cases have type 2 diabetes) when the upward swings are not very extreme.

Home Remedy for High Blood Sugar

  1. Drink water- it is perhaps the single most important and best homeremedy for high blood sugar. It would help to reduce the concentration of blood sugar by helping the body to flush out the extra sugars. Moreover, in diabetes, due to osmotic pressure caused by high blood glucose, there is some level of dehydration. In diabetes, urination increases while the cells are dehydrating. Drinking water helps to maintain the kidney function and at the same time keeping the body cells hydrated. For quick relief, one should try to drink around two glasses or 500 ml of water immediately. People living with diabetes should consume more water. Drinking more of sugar-free green tea may also be a strategy that can help in many cases.
  2. Do exercise- another way of bringing down the blood sugar level is improving their consumption by the body cells, so try to burn down the extra sugars with the help of aerobic exercise. For this, you need to move a lot and fast enough. Thus jogging or brisk walking or even dancing may help. Further, exercise releases specific type of hormones that help to bring down the sugar levels, bring down the stress levels, and improve the mood.
  3. Eat food that is rich in proteins or even fats- but a meal with high carbs must be avoided. Yes, overeating fats is not a good idea. But still, they have to be about 30% of your calorie intake. Also the strategy is of eating quality fats, instead of reducing fats.


Some times home remedy for high blood sugar may not help.  In this scenario, it is always better to consult a doctor or think about taking insulin. Again everything has to be done based on the values of high sugar, with the constant monitoring by a glucometer. Overdoing is more dangerous than under doing in high sugar levels, as low sugar levels are more dangerous.


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