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Omron Step Counters

Omron Step Counter is a device that keeps a check of your daily activity through monitoring the number of steps that you take. There are 3 levels of Step Counter in the Omron range. One that does a basic step count, one that also counts calories burned during activity, and one that is advanced enough to wear in your pocket, around your neck or in a hand bag.

Omron Step Counter HJ 005

This Step Counter measures your daily number of steps. It has a large and clear display of the number of steps taken during the day. Also this Step Counter has a spring loaded clip to provide easy attachment to your clothing.

How to use the Omron HJ 005 Step Counter:

While using the Step Counter for the first time, turn on the Step Counter by pulling up the insulation film and remove the display sticker. Also make sure you attach the unit securely to your belt, trousers, skirt or pants with the clip. Push the tab forward to open the front case. Press the reset button to reset the number on the display to zero and also close the front cover case.

When you use the Step Counter for the first time, walk 100 steps and check if the Step Counter counts the number of steps correctly. If there is any disparity between the number of steps you take and the number shown on the display, adjust the sensitivity.

The unit must be horizontal to the ground in order for it to function correctly. The case should be closed during use and opened only to view the steps taken.

Omron HJ 109 Advanced Step Counter

This Step Counter calculates,

  1. Steps taken
  2. Calories consumed
  3. Displays walking distance
  4. Has a 7 day memory
  5. Uses a dual display, showing time & steps simultaneously
  6. It also has an aerobic step function that detects fat burning activity

For the first use, turn on the power by pulling up the insulation film and remove the display sticker from the screen.

Omron HJ 113 Premium Step Counter

This Omron Step Counter has an acceleration sensor build in sided. This sensor makes it possible to pick up movement both in a forward, backward and side to side direction. Ultimately this means that the Step Counter is highly accurate and can be carried in a pocket, around a neck or in a hand bag without losing any accuracy.

Viewing results:

Press the mode button each time that you want to switch the screen display. This will display aerobic steps, calorie consumption, walking distance and the number of steps taken.

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