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IntelliWrap Cuff: What do you need to know?

Taking blood pressure at home does not have to be a complicated task if you have a BP machine with intelliwrap cuff. Blood pressure machines generally have high accuracy, too. However, still, some individuals fail to consistently get accurate results, as they fail to wear blood pressure device cuff accurately.

Unlike common belief, modern blood pressure machines maybe even more accurate than manual blood pressure taking. It is because they use well-designed electronic parts that take multiple readings each time for higher accuracy without the user even knowing about it. And, in the end, they present the most accurate reading possible.

Further, it is worth knowing that measuring blood pressure at home is essential, as readings at the doctor’s office would generally be higher. It is because of stress and so-called white coat syndrome. One is comparatively better relaxed at home.

How do blood pressure monitoring devices work?

Blood pressure (BP) monitoring devices work quite like manual devices. First, they inflate the cuff till blood stops flowing through the brachial artery (the main artery in the upper arm). Then they slowly release the pressure. The first sound is created when blood starts flowing only on the systolic pressure, and the second is when blood also starts flowing on diastolic pressure. These sounds are called Korotkoff sounds.

One can manually hear these sounds with the help of a stethoscope and know about the blood pressure. However, that is complex and requires training. Electronic devices make things easier, as they have a sensor that translates these sounds into an electronic signal.

However, most traditional blood pressure measuring devices have one issue, they measure BP more accurately when the sensor, quite like a stethoscope, is above or close to the artery. If it is too away, measurements may not be that accurate. Therefore, generally, one would still need to take care about how a person wears a cuff to ensure accuracy—a minor, still, a considerable problem.

What is IntelliWrap Cuff

IntelliWrap cuff resolved the age-old problem of wearing cuffs in a particular way. It would still require wearing the cuff on the upper arm, but one does not need to look at arrows, worry about its position. Instead, one may wear it in whatever way.

So, how can it provide accurate readings? Simple, it has multiple sensors all around the cuff, and they all take the readings. And, a person sees the reading coming from the sensor with the strongest and most reliable signal. Moreover, these cuffs are created in a way that there is equal air pressure all around.

Additionally, it also senses body movements and has an improved algorithm for high accuracy.

Benefits of IntelliWrap Cuff

Its primary benefit is that one does not need to worry much about what the place of the cuff should be? Above or near the brachial artery, or facing up, and so on. One can just wear the cuff couple of centimeters above the elbow and start taking readings. Due to its multiple sensors, it will return accurate readings each time.

Additionally, it has a pre-formed cylinder, which makes wearing the cuff much easier for most individuals. It is created in such a way that one can wear the cuff by using a single hand. It means that one does not need help from anyone. One spends less time thinking about how to wear a cuff. It is about accuracy, comfort, and time-saving.

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