White Coat Syndrome: What Is It, and How Bad Is It?

So, have you recently purchased a digital blood pressure monitor? It’s a step in the right direction because doctors highly recommend monitoring blood pressure at home. For optimal results, it’s essential to check your blood pressure multiple times in the morning when your body is relatively at rest and in the evening after a hectic … Read more

IntelliWrap Cuff: What do you need to know?

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A high level of stress considerably increases the risk of hypertension and heart attack

Stress is unavoidable and is a kind of protective mechanism. There are many effects of stress on the body. Acute stress may cause a sudden rise in adrenaline levels and energy levels and help protect from specific threats as it initiates a “fight or flight” reaction. However, chronic stress is altogether a different thing. It … Read more

Digital Technology for Successfully Managing Blood Pressure at Home

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How to Select Your Ideal Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Having a reliable home blood pressure monitor is like having a personalized health assistant at your fingertips. These devices provide accurate readings without the need for manual inflation, making them convenient and user-friendly for regular monitoring. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of selecting the right home blood pressure monitor, ensuring … Read more

The Pros & Cons of Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Digital blood pressure monitors have revolutionized the way we manage our cardiovascular health, offering a myriad of benefits for at-home monitoring. However, it’s important to be aware of both the advantages and potential drawbacks these devices entail. Advantages of a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Convenience: Digital monitors allow you to check your blood pressure from … Read more