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Which is the Best BP Monitor in India?

High blood pressure is the major cause for stroke & heart diseases. The best way to control these 2 problems is by controlling your blood pressure. Controlling your blood pressure starts with regular home monitoring. This will help your doctor to adjust your treatment. An electronic blood pressure monitor will help you to check your BP from the comfort of your own home. The procedure is very simple and you can do it  yourself. While selecting a home BP monitor, you need to consider several things. There are so many brands and models available in Indian market. Hence you need to select the best BP monitor out of them which will suit your needs and specifications. In this article, we will explain you how to choose a BP monitor that will suit your needs.

As said earlier, there are so many brands available in the market. Lot of them are below quality products which are imported from China. You may get it at cheaper price, but that will take you to troubles later. Always buy a monitor which is of a reputable manufacturer. Another thing you need to consider about is warranty. Always check the warranty specifications and whether the service center is available nearby. The final thing to consider is the features and specifications of the BP monitor.

Here we will recommend 3 BP monitors from Omron as the best BP monitor available in India. We were not able to find any other brands which matches with the quality and wide availability of service centers as Omron has. Hence we are forced to remove all other brands from this recommendation.

1. Omron HEM 7124 – Best BP Monitor in India

Omron HEM 7124 Blood Pressure Monitor

Currently this is the most selling model in India. The reason behind this is the affordability and performance. All Omron models are best in the industry regarding performance. However, this the most economical model from Omron. You may not get the most advanced features in this model, but it is very ideal for a common man who is looking for just the BP readings. However, it has the following features.

  1. You will get an alert if your body moves during the test. Body movements during the test will alter the results. Hence this is an important feature.
  2. The usage is very simple with a single touch.

Advantages of  Omron HEM 7124 BP Monitor

  1. The main advantage of this BP Monitor is that it is very economical. Affordability is one of the important thing you need to consider before purchasing a home BP monitor. The price of Omron HEM 7124 BP monitor in our store is Rs. 1499. This will be a quality purchase at an affordable rate and hence this is a best BP Monitor available in India.
  2. An attractive 5-year manufacturer warranty makes it a safe purchase. In fact, all Omron BP monitor models comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. Omron service centers are widely available across the country.

Disadvantages of Omron HEM 7124 BP Monitor

  1. The cuff size of this BP monitor is 22-32 cm. This will be suitable for all who is having a normal body shape. However, if you are a well build or fatty person with an arm size of greater than 32 cm, then you will be in trouble as it will be difficult to wrap the cuff. You must buy a larger cuff separately in this case.
  2. There is no memory for this BP monitor. You will only get the last reading as memory. Hence you have to write it down immediately after the test in order to refer the readings later.
  3. There is no option for using a power adapter in this bp monitor. It will work only with batteries.

2. Omron HEM 7130 L BP Monitor

omron hem 7130 l - omron bp monitor 7130

This is an advanced model from Omron. It comes with several powerful features and very popular in Indian Market. The “L” in the name indicates that it comes with a larger cuff (22-42 cm). This is the second largest BP monitor selling in India and can be considered as best BP monitor. The main features of this BP monitor are:

  1. Larger cuff size and huge memory (60 readings). Cuff material is long durable.
  2. It alerts you, if you wrap the cuff wrongly. Wrongly wrapped cuff will give you altered readings.
  3. You can take the average of last 3 measurements with Omron HEM 7130 L BP monitor.
  4. You can check the previous readings with date and time.

Advantages of Omron HEM 7130 L BP monitor

  1. As this comes with a larger cuff having circumference of up to 42 cm, would be ideal for fatty people. If you are not particular about large cuff then you have the option of buying with normal size cuff. In this case you can buy Omron HEM 7130 BP monitor which is having normal size cuff. Hence you can save your pocket too.
  2. Omron HEM 7130 L BP monitor comes with a huge memory of 60 readings.
  3. Cuff material is little bit harder and long durable than other models. Other models use nylon cuffs.

Disadvantages of Omron HEM 7130 L BP monitor

  1. As the cuff is larger, it may not suit thinner people. You might find it difficult to wrap the cuff. Hence it would be ideal to avoid this BP monitor if you are an extra thin person.
  2. The price is little bit more comparing to other models. This is mainly because of the features it possess. If the features it has are not relevant to  you then it would not be wise to spend this much amount. The price for  Omron HEM 7130 L BP monitor is in the range of Rs. 2500 to 2800 in various market places.

3. Omron HEM 7121 BP Monitor

omron hem 7121 price

This is a medium range BP monitor from Omron. It doesn’t have all that features which will be in high end models. The main features it possess are body movement indicator, detection of heart beat, hypertension alert, and guidance for cuff wrapping. The price also little bit affordable to common man. The price range for Omron HEM 7121 BP monitor is Rs. 2000 to 2400 depending on the market place. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this BP monitor below.

Advantages of Omron HEM 7121 BP Monitor

  1. All Omron models works both in battery and power adapter. However, you will not get the power adapter with the package. You have to buy it separately which is a costlier affair. Omron HEM 7121 is the only model which comes along with a power adapter. This is why we have included this in the list of best BP monitor in India.
  2. There is a memory of 30 readings in HEM 7121 model. This will  help you to share your reading with the doctor.

Disadvantages of Omron HEM 7121 BP Monitor

  1. By comparing the features it offers, we felt that the price is little high even though we get a power adapter freely.
  2. Cuff size not suitable for people having large arm circumference.

Difference Between Omron HEM 8712, Omron HEM 7121, and Omron HEM 7130 L BP Monitors

Omron HEM 7121Omron HEM 8712Omron HEM 7130 L
PRICE in our Store ₹ 2,199.00 ₹ 1,499.00 ₹ 2,599.00
BATTERY LIFEApprox.1000 measurementsApprox.1000 measurementsApprox.1000 measurements
MEMORY30 ReadingsLast Reading60 Readings
CUFF SIZE22-32 cm22-32 cm22-42 cm
BP MONITOR TYPEUpper ArmUpper ArmUpper Arm
CUFF MATERIALNylon & polyesterNylon & polyesterSoft type
MAIN UNIT DIMENSION103(W)*80(H)*129(L) mm103(W)*80(H)*129(L) mm107(W)*79(H)*141(L) mm
WEIGHT OF MAIN UNIT250 g without batteries250 g without batteries280 g without Batteries


We have discussed only about Automatic (Electronic) BP monitors above. It is a fact that in all electronic BP monitors, we need to expect 4 to 5 % variations. These variations can be minimized by adjusting our gestures during the testing and by following the instruction manually correctly. All the Omron BP monitors works on the same principle & technology. The difference comes only in the features and offers with each models. While selecting the best BP monitor, we have considered the parameters Accuracy, Affordability, Popularity, Availability of service centers, and Warranty terms. We were forced to exclude some popular brands like Morepen & Rossmax because of the shortage of service centers, warranty service problems.

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