Fat Loss Habits

12 Fat Loss Habits to Stay Healthy

Fat loss habits make losing body weight enjoyable and more easier. To burn body fats faster and stay healthy, you need to improve your diet and workout harder. Meaning, reduce the calorie intake and start practicing healthy ways. However, it is not enough. You also need to learn to boost your metabolism, so that you keep burning fat even while you rest.

After mid 20’s, metabolic slow down starts. It means that the human body uses less energy even when at rest. It is the reason that many start gaining body weight readily after this age. Things become worrisome after the 30’s.

If you do not take measures to reduce your body fat, it will inevitably lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. Here are some efficient fat loss habits to stay healthy.

1. Combine strength training with an aerobic workout

This means lifting weight along with aerobic exercises like jogging, running, swimming, or brisk walking. It will ensure that you lose only fats, while muscular mass is maintained.

When you combine strength training with aerobic workouts, it forces the body to burn fats, but preserve muscles.

2. High-intensity training

Depending on your age and heart health, you may try high-intensity training (HIT). It takes less time than many other workouts but helps better for burning fats. It means doing exercise for a short time but at a very high intensity. Like sprinting for 400 meters, followed by 400 meters of walking, slowly increasing intensity and distance.

HIT is good in a way that it boosts metabolism for several hours; it means that you keep burning fats even while resting.

3. Fat Loss Habits: Increase protein input

This would help preserve muscles, improve health. Research also shows that proteins reduce appetite. Thus include more of seafood, eggs, legumes, lentils, and dairy products in your diet.

4. Have a good night sleep

Sleep for eight hours. Research shows that both oversleeping (more than 10 hours a day), or sleeping less is associated with binge eating, higher rates of depression, and body weight gain.

5. Include vinegar in your diet

Vinegar has many health benefits. It improves insulin sensitivity and helps prevent diabetes. Vinegar reduces appetite. It can also help burn fats efficiently. Drinking vinegar may not be pleasant. However, it goes well when added to salads.

6. Eat healthy fats

Remember that cutting fats may harm health, as they are necessary for producing hormones and much more. Thus try to swap unhealthy fats with healthy ones like coconut oil, seed oils, olive oil. Fatty fish is a good source of healthy fats.

7. Drink plenty & drink healthy

Cut down consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks, sweetened soda, and even packed juices. Drink lots of plain water. Drinking green tea without sugar (or tiny amount) is another good option to burn fats.

8. Consume more fibers

Eat only whole wheat roti, biscuits. Eat enough fruits, nuts, legumes. Dietary fibers improve intestinal motility, help burn fats, and are suitable for vascular health too.

9. Avoid refined carbs

They are found in pasta, white bread, pastries. They are high in calories and are readily absorbed, thus alleviating sugar levels and also readily converted to fats in our body.

10. Replace your cup of tea with coffee

Caffeine not only stimulates the brain but research indicates that it may also fasten burning of fats. A cup or two of coffee would not do wonder in a day or a month. However, research suggests that in the long run, it may help. Coffee also reduces appetite in many.

11. Try probiotics

In countries like India antibiotic use is widespread, and not all antibiotic use is rational. Dysbacteriosis increases the risk of inflammatory diseases may worsen metabolic disorders. Probiotics may help to normalize your intestinal flora, improve digestion. If you do not want to take supplements, then add more of curd or other fermented products to your diet.

12. Fasting

This is another good way to cleanse your body of toxins and burn fats. Also in India, fasting is recommended on many religious occasions; it is a tradition. Following the old traditions may help improve health.


There are many ways to burn fats, lose body weight. Important is to keep using the mentioned ways for long enough, and results would follow for sure. Finally, remember that dietary measures do not necessarily mean eating less, it does involve eating better. Also many of the fat loss habits mentioned above are not just good for burning fats; they are beneficial for every aspect of health. You can also have a look for different types of body fat monitors here.

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Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

Preet Pal Singh Bhinder is a physician (M.D. Medicine) with specialization in diabetes (Fellowship in diabetes, Royal Liverpool Academy). His professional experience is divided into medical practice and working at higher management for pharmaceutical multinational companies at various international destinations. Also has been involved in clinical trials of numerous drugs, food supplements, and vaccines.

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