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Supported models are, HEM 7120, HEM 7121J, HEM 7124, HEM 7121, HEM 8712, HEM 7130, and JPN 600.


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This Omron Large Blood Pressure Cuff  is for use with Omron BP Monitors only. Size of this arm cuff is 22-42 cm. Before purchasing, it is also advised to confirm with the manufacturer that your BP monitor model supports this Omron HEM RML31 cuff. Toll free number for OMRON customer care is 1800 419 0492. Hence before purchasing, you can contact the above toll free number for confirming the compatibility. We have already confirmed with the manufacturer that this cuff is suitable for all Omron models except HEM 7600T, HEM 7361 T, and HEM 7156. That means this cuff will not support models which use Intelli Wrap Cuffs.

Role of  Omron Large Blood Pressure Cuff

Blood pressure is better monitored at home than in clinics, as at home a person is relaxed, well rested. In clinics, readings may come higher than average due to a so-called white coat syndrome. Higher anxiety or stress level while visiting clinics results in a false diagnosis of hypertension.

Choosing the blood pressure monitor is not a big science, all of the electronic devices would show pretty accurate reading. All one has to keep in mind is to buy a device from a reputed vendor, and the device should be of a good manufacturer like Omron. Devices by good manufacturers are better calibrated and tested.

One of the most critical components in any blood pressure monitor (especially electronic) is the “arm cuff.” Arm cuff is inflated to measure the blood pressure, and reading is taken from the upper half of the arm.

Size of the cuff matters

All electronic blood pressure monitoring devices are calibrated to measure blood pressure on the upper arm. When buying the BP monitor, it is vital to choose the right cuff size. Usually, cuffs are available in three sizes; small, medium, and large. If the cuff size is too big, it would remain loose even on inflation and would not give a proper reading. Similarly, a very tightly fitting cuff may also not give the right interpretation. Hence specialists recommend that after wearing the cuff, there must be enough space to put one finger between the cuff and upper arm.

Hence before buying the BP monitor, it would be better to measure the circumference of the upper arm and buy the cuff size accordingly.

BP Monitor Upper Arm cuff sizes
Measurement (cm)Measurement (inches)Cuff size
18 to 227.1 to 8.8Small
23 to 328.9 to 12.8Medium
33 to 4212.9 to 18Large

Also it is important to know that devices by default will come with medium size cuffs, in other cases one may need to buy Omron HEM RML31 cuff separately.

How to Measure Your BP with Omron HEM RML31 cuff

For acquiring accurate reading, it is vital to understand certain things, when measuring blood pressure sit or lie comfortably. Also you should support the arm by a flat surface and make sure that the cuff and heart are at the same level. Always place the Omron large blood pressure cuff on a bare arm. Using cuffs on clothing is never a good idea. Bottom of the cuff should be about 2-3 cm above the elbow fold. Make sure that BP cuff arrows are in the right place. Also, ensure that the cuff is neither too tight or too loose, one can check by inserting a finger. Hence it should be by no means very loose. Remember that there is something called loose cuff hypertension.

Some of the most common causes of false readings are:

  • Cuff size too small
  • Cuff over clothing
  • Back or feet unsupported
  • Legs crossed while measuring BP
  • Not taking rest before measuring BP
  • Full bladder
  • The person with a pain
  • Also arm either below or above the heart level

Thus for avoiding error, choose the cuff of the right size, and avoid making some of the common mistakes mentioned above. Always refer to the above mentioned cuff size chart before buying an Omron BP monitor. If your cuff size is above 32 cm always prefer the Omron monitor which comes with Omron large blood pressure cuff by default. Otherwise you have to buy Omron HEM RML31 cuff separately.

Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic

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HEM – RML31 Type B

Cuff Size

22-42 cm


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