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Main features: Cuff wrapping guide, Bluetooth connectivity, 14 memory, Hypertension indicator.



Introducing the Omron HEM 7140T1 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – Your Reliable Health Companion

Benefits of the Omron HEM 7140T1 Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Experience precise and tailored blood pressure readings with the Omron HEM-7140T1 Digital BP Monitor. Not only is this innovative device clinically validated for accuracy and reliability, but it also ensures you get trustworthy results every time.
  • Comfortable and personalized inflation, thanks to the advanced IntelliSense™ technology, the monitor automatically customizes cuff inflation based on the size of your arm. This personalized inflation provides accuracy without compromising your comfort during the measurement process.
  • The Omron HEM-7140T1 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to provide you with reliable and accurate measurements while prioritizing ease of use. Trust in its clinical validation, embrace its user-friendly features, and take proactive steps towards a healthier life for you.

Features of the Omron HEM 7140T1 Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Guided Cuff Positioning says goodbye to guesswork with the built-in cuff-wrapping guide. This helpful feature assists you in correctly positioning and wrapping the cuff around your arm. Also, it guarantees optimal fit and accurate readings.
  • Moreover, your well-being is our priority. The HEM-7140T1 includes a hypertension indicator that promptly alerts you if your blood pressure reading falls within the hypertensive range. As a result, stay informed about potential high blood pressure readings and take necessary precautions or consult a healthcare professional if needed.
  • Effortlessly sync your blood pressure measurements with compatible devices using the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Seamlessly integrate your health data into your digital health ecosystem, making it easier to monitor your progress, and share essential information with your healthcare provider.
  • Keep track of your blood pressure history with the convenient memory function. The HEM-7140T1 stores up to 14 previous blood pressure readings, allowing you to monitor changes and trends over time. Empower yourself with knowledge and take control of your cardiovascular health.

In conclusion, this device is your reliable health companion for accurate, personalized, and convenient blood pressure measurements. Upgrade your health monitoring routine now with the Omron HEM-7140T1 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor.

Additional information








14 Readings


LCD Digital

Power Source

4 AA Batteries or AC adaptor (optional)




Oscillometric method

Pressure Measurement range

0 – 299 mmHg

Pulse Measurement range

40 – 180 beats/min

Body Movement Detection


BP Level Indicator


Irregular Heartbeat Detection


Hypertension Indicator


Date & Time


Guest Mode


Avrg. of last 3 readings


Cuff Wrapping Guide



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  • Item will normally arrive within 3 to 4 working days (except Sundays & holidays). Some times it may go  up to 6 to 7 business days for remote areas.


  • This Product is having 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase.
  • Buyers need to contact the manufacturer (OMRON Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.) directly for availing the Warranty.
  • Toll free number for OMRON customer care is 1800 419 0492.


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