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Tubeless technology, 360 degree accuracy, attached intelli wrap cuff which fits arm circumference 22 -42 cm.

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Bringing you the Omron Smart Elite HEM 7600T Tubeless Blood Pressure Monitor with a intelli wrap cuff and intellisense technology. Tubeless technology, 360 degree accuracy, and simple to use one-touch measurement are the main features of it. You will get an accurate and consistent picture of your heart’s health with Omron blood pressure monitor HEM 7600T. Also it is manufactured in Japan.

What are the Features of Omron Smart Elite HEM 7600T Tubeless Blood Pressure Monitor?

  1. Irregular heart beat detection is enabled in this Omron tubeless blood pressure monitor. This symbol will display if your heart beat rhythm varies by more than 25% from the average.
  2. Cuff wrapping guide ensures reliable and accurate readings. An “OK” symbol will display if you wrap the cuff correctly.
  3. IntelliSense technology ensures application of right amount of pressure automatically. Hence you will experience accurate fast and comfortable measurement. This technology inflates the cuff to the suitable level with every use. You don’t need any adjustments for selecting an inflation level. This is beneficial especially for those who are hypertensive or with certain heart disorders like arrhythmia, because they will have fluctuated blood pressure.
  4. Pre-formed cuff (Intelli wrap) ensures accurate measurement at any angle. Also it makes application fuss-free.
  5. Body movement detection is enabled in Omron HEM 7600T blood pressure monitor. During measurement, if you move your body, it will influence the accuracy of your reading.
  6. Memory for this Omron tubeless blood pressure monitor is 100 readings.
  7. You can use Omron connect app to save and manage your health data through Bluetooth connectivity.

How to Use Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7600T?

  1. It is better to apply the arm cuff to your left arm. Also it is not ideal to apply the arm cuff over thick clothes. Apply the cuff on your left upper arm so that the bottom edge of the cuff should be above the elbow by 1 or 2 cm.
  2. To take a reading, sit in a chair comfortably with relax mood. Also don’t cross your legs and keep your feet flat on the floor while sitting. Keep your back straight with proper support. Also make sure that the arm cuff is on the same level as your heart.
  3. Press the start button. The cuff will begin to inflate and then deflate automatically. Once it finishes, your readings will be on the display screen. Then remove the cuff. For knowing more about checking your blood pressure at home, click here.

Package Contents for Omron HEM 7600T

  1. Automatic blood pressure monitor with attached intelli wrap cuff which fits arm circumference 22 -42 cm
  2. Instruction manual, setup instructions
  3. 4 * Batteries “AAA” type
Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic

Additional information







Power Source

4 AAA Batteries


Oscillometric method

Pressure Measurement range

40 – 260 mmHg

Pulse Measurement range

40 – 180 beats/min

Body Movement Detection
BP Level Indicator
Hypertension Indicator
Date & Time
Guest Mode
Avrg. of Last 3 Readings
Cuff Wrapping Guide


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  1. This Product is having 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase.
  2. Buyers need to contact the manufacturer (OMRON Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.) directly for availing Warranty.
  3. Toll free number for OMRON customer care is 1800 419 0492.



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