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Accurate result with 3D Smart Sensor, 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Are you trying to track your steps, but weary of inaccurate, bulky, inconvenient pedometers? The Omron pedometer HJ 325 provides an effortless way to track the fitness measurements you care about. You can automatically and easily track your steps, distance covered, aerobic activity, and calories burned with Omron HJ 325.

The HJ-325 is ultra-lightweight at only 4/5 of an ounce, also comes with clips, straps, and a holder. Hence you can place it almost anywhere. Clip it to your clothing or undergarments, or your belt, put it in your purse or backpack, put it in your pocket. It will stay put, and will unobtrusively and automatically track every step you take. If it detects 10 minutes of activity over 60 steps per minute, it will start measuring (and storing) aerobic activity as well. Your walking/running distance for the day is measured in your choice of miles or kilometers, as well as daily caloric output. Even better, your measurements are stored for 7 days.

Accuracy of Omron HJ 325 Pedometer

The technology behind the Omron makes it one accurate pedometer. You won’t miss steps because it is flat, horizontal, or vertical. Its 3-D sensors make it accurate in any position. Have your past pedometers been inaccurate in calculating your stride? This Omron pedometer is extremely accurate in automatic stride calculation, but also gives you the ability to adjust your stride if you desire.

Power Supply for Omron HJ 325

When it comes to changing your battery, nothing could be simpler. The Omron Step Counter HJ-325 uses the easy-to-find CR2032 lithium battery, which installs without tools. Plus, it lasts for six months at a time so you will never have to worry about charging your pedometer overnight. Although it automatically tracks your daily measurements, tracking measurements for a specific workout is a piece of cake with the large, easy-to-use function buttons to set the start and stop times.

Are you tired of trying to actually see the numbers on your pedometer? The Omron Pedometer HJ-325 has large, easy-top-ready numbers, so this won’t be a problem. Hence Omron Step Counter/Pedometer HJ-325 is the perfect pedometer for someone looking for a way to effortlessly and accurately count their steps and more.

Features and benefits of Omron pedometer HJ 325

  1. Super-lightweight at 0.8 oz.
  2. Includes clips, straps and holder to carry it almost anywhere.
  3. Automatically calculates calorie expenditure and also starts counting aerobic steps automatically.
  4. Automatically calculates length of stride, with ability to make manual adjustments if desired.
  5. Accuracy in any position due to three-dimensional sensor
  6. Ability to store measurements for a specific workout time frame
  7. One-week storage of activity data
  8. Automatically resets daily measurements at midnight
  9. Wide display screen with large numbers and large buttons
  10. Battery-saving screen shutoff function after 20 seconds of inactivity
  11. Uses common CR2032 lithium battery. Also six-month battery life with easy-change battery.
  12. Dimensions are 1.65″(w) × 2.24″(h) × 0.51″(d) / (42.0(W) × 57.0(H) × 13.0(D) mm).
  13. Can select km or miles
  14. Also comes with one year manufacturer warranty

Package Includes

  1. Pedometer
  2. Clip & Strap
  3. CR2032 battery
  4. English instruction manual


You know the health benefits of tracking your steps. But you don’t want the hassle that comes with most pedometers. Try the Omron pedometer HJ 325 for an almost effortless way to accurately count your steps.


Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

Additional information







Measurement Range

0 to 99,999 steps
0 to 999.9 km
0 to 59,999 kcal
0 to 999.9 g fat burn

Power Supply

3 V Lithium battery CR2032 type

Battery Life

Approx. 6 months (14 hrs a day)


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  1. This Product is having 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase.
  2. Buyers need to contact the manufacturer (OMRON Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.) directly for availing Warranty.
  3. Toll free number for OMRON customer care is 1800 419 0492.



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