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Omron NE C101 Nebulizer is for those patients who is suffering from asthma and other breathing problems and needs medication as inhalation. If you are looking to buy nebulizer online, this is the perfect choice of nebulizer for you. The nebulizer kit includes both adult and child masks. Another highlight of Omron NE C101 model is it’s 12 ml medication tank capacity. If you consider performance and affordability, this is the best nebulizer from Omron portfolio.

Features of Omron NE C101 Nebulizer

  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Economy class nebulizer affordable for all
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Best suited for home use

How to Use Omron NE C101 Nebulizer

  1. First ensure that the power switch is in the off state. Then connect the power plug to power outlet.
  2. Separate the inhalation top from the medication cup. You can do this by rotating the inhalation top anti-clockwise and then by lifting the inhalation top from the medication cup.
  3. Pour the medication into the medication cup. You need to ensure that correct dosage is poured into the medication cup. Also ensure that blue colour vaporizer head is there inside the medication cup.
  4. Place the inhalation top back onto the medication cup by rotating the inhalation top clockwise.
  5. Connect the mouthpiece/adult mask/child mask to the inhalation top. Also connect the one end of air tube to the bottom of medication cup and the other end to the compressor.
  6. Hold the medication cup straight. Don’t tilt it too much as medication may flow out and it will result in poor nebulization.
  7. Switch on the machine and the compressor starts working with a low noise. Medication will come outside as fumes through the mask or mouthpiece.  Inhale the medication as possible as.
  8. When the medication cup becomes empty, switch off the machine and disconnect the machine from the power outlet.

When and How to Replace the Air Filter

After using the nebulizer for 70 to 75 times, you need to replace the air filter. Also change in colour of the air filter too is an indication to change it.

Remove the cover of the air filter. Then remove the old air filter and place a new one there. Also place the cover of air filter back in place. Air filter is not washable or cleanable. Wet air filter need to replace immediately.  Wet air filters can create blockage to the nebulizer working.

Package contents 

You will get the compressor, nebulizer kit, both adult & child masks, mouthpiece, adapter and instruction manual.

Omron NE C101 Nebulizer kit includes inhalation top, vaporiser head, nozzle, and medication tank. Hence if you are going to buy nebulizer online go for the best one and this nebulizer is the perfect solution for your breathing problems. Read more about the benefits of a nebulizer by clicking here.

Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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Particle Size
Nebulization Rate
Rating (AC Adapter)

230V, 50Hz 1A


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  1. This Product is having 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase.
  2. Buyers need to contact the manufacturer (OMRON Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.) directly for availing Warranty.
  3. Toll free number for OMRON customer care is 1800 419 0492.


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