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The Omron HEM 7121J BP Monitor is completely automatic and works on the oscillometric method. It calculates your pulse rate & BP (blood pressure) quickly & simply. Omron BP Machine 7121J is for measuring the pulse rate & blood pressure of people inside the range of the nominated arm cuff, obeying the guidance in the product manual. It is primarily manufactured for home use. There is no option for using an adapter in this model. Hence Omron 7121J can only operate on batteries.

Features of Omron HEM 7121J BP Monitor

  • Omron BP Machine 7121J comes with a cuff wrapping guide feature. It helps you to avoid mistakes while wrapping the cuff around your upper arm.
  • Simple to use with one touch operation. One touch button makes it easy for you to monitor your blood pressure daily.
  • Memory for last reading.
  • Intellisense technology ensures fast and accurate measurements.

Accessories for OMRON BP Machine 7121J

  • 1 Arm Cuff having measurement of 22-32 cm
  • Instruction Manual
  • 4 “AA” Batteries

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

More and more professional organizations are now recommending home blood pressure monitoring since it gives a lot more information in comparison to sporadic readings taken during the visit to a doctor. Moreover, home monitoring helps to identify masked blood pressure, it helps to avoid the white coat syndrome, and it also provides information regarding daily fluctuations.

Although home blood pressure monitors are easy to use and accurate, there is still a need to know a few things about getting perfect results.

  • First and foremost, cho0se a blood pressure monitoring device of a reputed manufacturer that has been validated in clinical studies, and is well calibrated.
  • Another thing is to make sure that the cuff is of proper size. Cuff should not be too loose or tight.

How to get accurate blood pressure readings with Omron 7121J

Next step is learning the proper method of measuring blood pressure. It is ideal to take your blood pressure twice a day. Good time to measure blood pressure is some time after waking, but before morning exercise, tea, or coffee. One can take a second reading during the day to see how the daily stress affects the blood pressure. Whenever you take a reading, just ensure that you are in a relaxed mood.

When measuring blood pressure do not smoke, do not drink coffee, take BP at least 30 minutes after the physical exertion or exercise. Once a person has identified the right time of taking BP, one should learn the correct posture while monitoring blood pressure. Make sure that you are sitting in a relaxed mood, and your arm is at the heart’s level, legs are not in cross position, and the placement of cuff just above the bend of the elbow.

For precise reading and for the sake of accurate comparison, make a habit of monitoring the blood pressure at the same time on a daily basis. Also, make a habit of keeping the record, these days using mobile apps may be an excellent option.

What if you get an unusually high reading using Omron HEM 7121J BP Monitor?

A single reading of high blood pressure is not a reason for alarm unless it is above 180/120 mm Hg. If you have slightly elevated BP than usual, just relax for a few minutes. Then take a second reading to confirm the results. However, if the reading is above 180/120 mm Hg and you are feeling uneasy, then it is the reason for concern, it is a reason to seek immediate medical help.

Accuracy of Omron HEM 7121J BP Monitor

Yes, Omron 7121J monitors are highly accurate, though some devices may have manufacturing defects and so on. If you feel that your monitor continually provides high or low reading, then it would be better to take it to your physician’s office for comparison and confirmation of accuracy.

Can Omron BP Machine 7121J make errors in certain conditions?

Omron 7121J monitor will provide an accurate reading in more than 99% of cases. In certain conditions, they are less precise than non-automated systems. We do not recommend these devices for people with cardiac arrhythmias or defects of heart rhythm.


Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic

Additional information







BP Monitor Type

Upper Arm


LCD Digital

Cuff Size

22-32 cm

Main Unit Dimension

112 (W) * 82 (H) * 140 (L) mm


250 g

Power Source

4 "AA" batteries 1.5 V

Battery Life

Approx.1000 measurements


Oscillometric method

Pressure Measurement range

0 – 299 mmHg

Pulse Measurement range

40 – 180 beats/min

Intelli Wrap Cuff



Last Reading

Body Movement Detection


BP Level Indicator


Irregular Heartbeat Detection


Hypertension Indicator


Date & Time


Guest Mode


Avrg. of last 3 readings


Cuff Wrapping Guide


AFIB Indicator


Dual Users


Bluetooth Connectivity



  • All orders received before 2 PM are dispatched on the same day.
  • Item will normally arrive within 3 to 4 working days (except Sundays & holidays). Some times it may go  up to 6 to 7 business days for remote areas.


  • This Product is having 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase.
  • Buyers need to contact the manufacturer (OMRON Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.) directly for availing the Warranty.
  • Toll free number for OMRON customer care is 1800 419 0492.

2 reviews for OMRON Automatic Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7121J

  1. poolefletcher (verified owner)

    This is a basic model from Omron. It works fine, but there is no option for an adapter. Product delivery was very quick.

  2. Jimi Kuniyil

    I bought this monitor and very pleased with the product. Easy to use and gives reliable accurate readings. Very satisfied with the service as the product delivered on time with quality packing. I will definitely recommend this product.

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