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Omron HEM 7120 blood pressure monitor provides you with upper arm blood pressure measurement. It also displays systolic, diastolic readings and pulse rate simultaneously. Like all other Omron models, Omron HEM 7120 bp monitor also works on Intellisense Technology. This is the basic model among the Omron bp monitors and it is most economical too.

Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor has the following features

  1. This BP Monitor has a memory for final reading only.
  2. Hypertension Indicator, which indicates if diastolic or systolic pressure is beyond the normal range (above systolic 135 mmHg/diastolic 85 mmHg), with the blinking of the heartbeat symbol.
  3. Omron HEM 7120 blood pressure monitor detects your body movement during the measurement. Body movement is an important factor which decides the accuracy of blood pressure readings. Hence this feature will help you to get an accurate blood pressure readings.
  4. Apart from this, it also detects your irregular heartbeat if any.
  5. Omron HEM 7120 bp monitor is very easy to use with its one-touch operation.

Box Contents for Omron HEM 7120 BP Monitor

  1. BP machine
  2. Arm Cuff suitable for arm circumference 22-32 cm
  3. Instruction Manual
  4. “AA” Batteries – 4 Nos. included

Difference between Omron HEM 7120 blood pressure monitor and mercury blood pressure monitor

Rather than auscultation, this home digital bp monitor detects blood pressure oscillometrically. In auscultation, doctor uses a stethoscope to measure blood pressure by hearing particular heartbeat sounds. Doctor then uses these heartbeat sounds to measure diastolic and systolic pressures. In oscillometric technology, vibration of blood passing through the arteries are determined and converts these vibrations into digital readings.

Omron HEM 7120 bp monitor uses the oscillometric method for measuring your blood pressure. Hence it does not need a stethoscope to measure blood pressure and is very simple to use. With a digital home blood pressure monitor, you can measure your blood pressure frequently and you can share these results with your doctor later.

What is high blood pressure?

Prolonged untreated hypertension kills; it leads to complications like myocardial infarction (a type of heart attack) or stroke. In the majority of cases, the reduced elasticity of blood vessels is the cause of hypertension. Certain ethnicities are more prone to hypertension, and Indians being one of them. Any kind of hypertension is dangerous and proper management is important to prevent complications and early death.

In the Indian context, systolic (upper reading) above 140 mmHg and diastolic (lower reading) above 90 mmHg may be regarded as high blood pressure (also called hypertension). But one may find differing information on the internet, as guidelines and understanding regarding high blood pressure differ a bit in various countries.

In the US, guidelines were revised in 2017 by American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology to define high blood pressure above 130 mmHg (systolic) or 90 mmHg (diastolic). Guidelines were revised, made stricter, due to rising complications of hypertension and obesity in the US and globally.

What is normal blood pressure?

Leading authorities worldwide agree that normal blood pressure is something below 120/80 mmHg. And reading between 120-129 mmHg (US guidelines) or 120-139 mmHg (Indian guidelines) for systolic and 80-89 mmHg for diastolic is considered to be borderline, or pre-hypertensive.

There is a reason why the new concept of pre-hypertensive has emerged. It indicates that person would develop hypertension probably in few year time, thus a need to take immediate precautions. However, it is also the time when reversal of hypertension happens without resorting to medications. Lifestyle changes like exercise, losing body weight, decreasing salt consumption, and other natural remedies can still work quite well.

For timely diagnosis and prevention, measure your blood pressure regularly. Majority of people above the age of 40 are at the risk of developing hypertension.

So your doctor says that you probably have high blood pressure, but when you measure at home with Omron HEM 7120 bp monitor, your readings are low or within normal range. Well, that is entirely possible. American College of Cardiology states that it is common to have higher readings in physician’s office (5-10 mmHg) due to stress, anxiety or white coat syndrome. It only highlights the importance of measuring blood pressure at home, where you will get the best and most accurate readings.

Most importantly, never hurry to make conclusions, especially if your readings are borderline. It is better to make decisions only after 2 or more readings taken on different days, though preferably at the similar time.

When to measure blood pressure at home?

Since blood pressure is more accurate when taken at home, it is essential that every household must have Omron HEM 7120 blood pressure monitor, which is automatic and from the reputable manufacturer.

Best time to take blood pressure reading is in the morning, before morning exercise or morning tea and coffee. Just get out of bed, brush your teeth, and then calm down to take your blood pressure. Repeat the measuring several time to make conclusions.

Additional information








Last Reading


LCD Digital

LCD Size (L*W)

59 mm * 43 mm

Power Source

4 AA Batteries or AC adaptor (optional)

Pressure Measurement range

0 – 299 mmHg

Pulse Measurement range

40 – 180 beats/min

Body Movement Detection


BP Level Indicator


Irregular Heartbeat Detection


Hypertension Indicator


Date & Time


Guest Mode


Avrg. of last 3 readings


Cuff Wrapping Guide



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