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Only for testing with Omron HGM-111 & HGM-112 models

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OMRON Blood Glucose Test Strips HGM STP1A is only for monitoring blood sugar with Omron glucometer models HGM 112 and  HGM 111. You need to take fresh capillary blood from finger tips or palm in order to test with this Omron glucometer strips.

Things to remember while using Omron Blood Glucose Test Strips HGM STP1A

  1. The HGM-STP1A blood sugar test strips are for testing with the Omron glucometer models HGM 112 and HGM 111 only. Also you can’t reuse the strips once the test finishes.
  2. Please go through the instruction manual in detail before testing with the above said glucometers.
  3. Don’t expose these test strips to atmosphere for a long time. Close the box tightly, once the strip is taken away from the box for testing. This will prevent the strip becoming damage by exposure to air.
  4. If the strip box is without proper seal or with damage don’t use them. Also avoid using expired strips.
  5. Also do not refrigerate or freeze the strips.
  6. Finally, do not change the box of the test strips.


Tips for using Omron glucometer strips HGM-STP1A

Before taking the test strips from the bottle, wash your hand properly with soap and dry it completely. Take one Omron blood glucose test strips HGM STP1A from the strip bottle and close it tight immediately. Insert the test strips into your Glucometer slot. Your machine will switch on immediately by the insertion of strip. After 2-3 seconds, blinking drop signal will display on your meter. Then using your lancet and lancing device, you take a small drop of blood from your finger tip. Apply this small drop of blood on the tip of the test strip. Remove your finger once the countdown starts on the screen. You will get the result at the end of the countdown.

After noting the reading, remove the strip and meter will switch off immediately. Reading will be stored in the memory of your Glucometer with time & date.

What to do if your glucose levels are abnormal after testing with Omron blood glucose test strips HGM STP1A

Majority of our energy needs have to be fulfilled by sugars or glucose, and thus it is so critical that its level remains within the optimal range. If blood glucose rises above a certain level, it starts damaging blood vessels, nerve cells and is harmful to almost every cell of the body. If blood glucose drops below specific range, that is even more dangerous; it is acutely life-threatening. Low glucose means energy deficit, especially for the brain, which is very energy hungry organ. Our brain is about two percent of the body weight, but it consumes almost one-fifth of energy.

If you measure the blood glucose with Omron glucometer strips, ideally blood glucose should remain between 70-100 mg/dL (fasting range, measured preferably after 8 hours of last meal, but not later than 12 hours). 100-120 mg/dL is a signal that something is wrong with the body, though it is still not diabetes. Any value above 120 mg/dL indicates diabetes. Similarly, blood glucose below 70 mg/dL can be life-threatening.

What to do if blood glucose is high after testing with Omron blood glucose test strips HGM STP1A?

Blood glucose goes high in diabetes, which is no doubt a disease caused by genetics, lack of exercise, consuming the wrong kind of food. Except in 10% of cases when diabetes is due to insulin deficit and is an autoimmune disease, the vast majority of those with diabetes suffer from insulin resistance.

If one learns that his or her sugar levels are high, lifestyle changes must form the vital component of any blood sugar management program. Medications are only used with lifestyle changes fail help.

Among lifestyle changes, it is necessary to start regular aerobic exercise, eat food that is low in fast absorbing sugars, eat good quality fats, and consume lots of dietary fiber. In some cases, stress may also be the reason for high blood sugar, and Yoga or meditation may help in such cases. One must understand that in most cases natural methods fail just because people do not stick to them long enough. One cannot expect to reverse the side effects of decades of poor lifestyle in a month or two. Thus make practical exercise and dietary plans and stick to them long enough. Most people can expect to benefit after three to six months.

What to do if blood glucose is low after testing with Omron glucometer strips?

Low blood glucose is less frequent, but life-threatening condition. It is often the result of insulin overdosing, which occur in some individuals who have more daily fluctuations, or those who do not use Omron glucometer strips to keep track of blood glucose. Certain oral drugs that increase the insulin secretion may also lead to low blood glucose level.

Symptoms of low blood glucose are excessive sweating, extreme fatigue, lightheadedness, and even sudden loss of consciousness. Most people would benefit by eating something sweet and sugary immediately or taking a spoon or two of glucose.

If the condition is not controlled by glucose ingestion alone, doctors may use specific medications and may resort to intravenous fluids.

In conclusion, it is essential to understand that those living with diabetes are not just at risk of high blood glucose, but some of them may have frequent bouts of hypoglycemia or low blood glucose. Apart from symptomsOmron blood glucose test strips HGM STP1A may help to confirm the condition.

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September 2019




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