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Philips Avent Natural Breast Pump with Reusable Milk Storage Cups – Manual


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Breast feeding is the prime thing you give to your baby for a better beginning in life. Breast milk consist of all things which is essential for growth and health of a baby.  Also breast feeding creates a bond between you and your baby. After establishing breast feeding, you can give breast milk to your baby through expression without your presence. While expressing, you are at more comfort and relax. This will flow your milk more easily. Studies have proven that you can express more milk for your baby naturally when you are at more relax. Philips have experience in working with famous baby feeding experts and mothers for more than 25 years. Hence Philips manual breast pump is the most comfortable breast pump for moms. It will give more milk to your baby and more comfort to you.

82% of  UK breast feeding mothers agreed that this breast pump was more comfortable than their current pump. Always remove lids first if using bottle warmers or microwaves. Also Philips manual breast pump is BPA free.

Features and Benefits of Philips Manual Breast Pump

  1. It has very few parts. Hence you can clean and assemble it very easily.
  2. You can hold and position it very easily since it has a compact design.
  3. You can carry it easily since it is portable and light weight.
  4. It has a secure seal. This helps for safe transportation and storage. Also there is no leakage during transportation.
  5. You can sit naturally and relaxed while expressing. There is no need for leaning forward while expressing. Hence you will not get any back pain.
  6. The petals are comfortable very much. Petals have unique cushion which mimics baby’s natural sucking. Hence it stimulate milk flow gently. Also soft texture gives more comfortable on the breast.

How to Assemble the Philips Manual Breast Pump

The pump is very easy to assemble. Before you start, make sure you wash, rinse and sterilize the pump and wash your hands thoroughly. Insert the duckbill valve into the pump body from underneath. Put the bottle onto the pump body and turn it anticlockwise to fix it. Never tight too much while connecting the bottle to the pump body. Put the stem into the silicon  diaphragm. Then place the silicon diaphragm and stem into the pump body. Also make sure it fits securely all around the rim. You need to do it carefully as the pump will not work if it is not sealed properly. It is easier if assembled wet.

Place the forked end of the handle onto the hinge and push it down gently until it clicks into place. Place the let-down massage cushion onto the pump funnel, making sure that it is again perfectly sealed for the pump to work. Make sure you run your finger on the flat surfaces between the petals to make sure there is no air trap behind the cushion. Otherwise there will be no suction.

Insert the bottle into the stand for making it stable. You are now ready to start expressing.

Pack Includes

  1. Manual breast pump with adapter
  2. Reusable cups (180 ml/6 oz) and lids – 3 nos.
  3. Natural teat pack
  4. Instruction guide

Philips manual breast pump is made in England.


Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic

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