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Manufactured by Contec, imported & marketed in India by Omron Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.

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Omron Contec Pulse Oximeter – CMS50N is a non-invasive device intended for the spot-check of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and the pulse rate of adult and pediatric patients in home and hospital environments. This device is not intended for continuous monitoring.

Features of Omron Contec Pulse Oximeter – CMS50N

  1. Operation of the product is simple and convenient.
  2. The product is small in volume, light in weight and convenient in carrying.
  3. Power consumption of the product is low and the two originally equipped AAA batteries can be operated continuously for 20 hours. Also automatic on/off facility is there.
  4. The product will enter standby mode when no signal is in the product within 5 seconds.
  5. Auto rotation feature is enabled. Display direction can be changed automatically for an easy view.
  6. Adjustable alarm
  7. Perfusion index is obtained from this device. It is the ratio of the pulsatile blood flow to the non-pulsatile blood in peripheral tissue.
  8. Recording of last reading
  9. Alarm numerical flicker
  10. Display brightness is changeable
  11. Low power indication

How to Use Omron Contec Pulse Oximeter – CMS50N

  1. Insert the two batteries properly to the direction and open the clip.
  2. Put the patient’s finger into the rubber cushions of the clip. Make sure the finger is in the right position and then clip the finger.
  3. Press the button once on front panel.
  4. Do not shake the finger and keep the patient at ease during the process. Also human body is not recommended in movement status.
  5. Get the information directly from screen display.
  6. The button has two functions. When the device is in standby mode, pressing the button can exit it; when the device is in operation status, pressing the button long can change brightness of the screen.
  7. The device could change display direction according to the handing direction.

Package Includes:

  1. Main unit
  2. Strap for convenient carriage
  3. 2* AAA batteries
  4. Instruction manual

Additional information





Parameters Measured

SpO2, PR, Pulse Wave, Perfusion Index

Measurement Range SpO2

0% to 100%

Measurement Accuracy SpO2

+/- 2%

Resolution SpO2


Measurement Range PR

30 to 250 bpm

Measurement Accuracy PR

30 to 99 bpm (+/- 2bpm)
100 to 250 bpm (+/- 2%)

Resolution PR

1 bpm

Power Requirements

2 * AAA batteries (1.5 V)

Operation Temperature

5 to 40 degree Celsius

Storage Temperature

-25 to 70 degree Celsius

Operation Humidity

15 to 93% no condensation

Storage Humidity

Less than or equal to 93%, no condensation


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