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This Omron Adapter is for use with Omron BP Monitors only. This will help you to ensure that the power supply is as per the specification of the Omron Monitors. Also it will ensure long life for your monitor. The specifications of this Omron AC Adapter will not suit other BP monitor brands. Hence use this only with your Omron BP Monitor, so that you will get reliable and accurate readings. Using Omron BP Machine Adapter is more economical than batteries if the usage is very high. Also ensure that while using this adapter, batteries are removed.

Before Buying, Ensure that Omron Adapter Will Fit to Your Monitor

Also, buyer’s need to ensure before purchase that your Omron BP Monitor is having a slot for Power Adapter. Most of the Omron Monitors are usable with both batteries and adapters. But some models of Omron don’t have a slot for a power adapter. Hence, you need to use only batteries for these models. Also it will not always be possible to use your Omron BP Machine Adapter while travelling. Hence it would be better to keep spare batteries with you so that you can use them in emergency situations where there is no option for a power plug.

Advantages of Using an Omron BP Machine Adapter

If you are not using your BP monitor for quite a long time, then you need to remove the batteries from the BP monitor. Long time means more than 2 weeks. If you are not removing batteries in this situation, there is a chance that the battery may leak. So this will make the whole BP monitor damage. Also you will need to spend a huge amount repairing your BP Monitor. You will not be eligible for warranty service in this case. Hence if you are using Omron AC Adapter, there are no headaches like this.

Disadvantages of Using an Omron AC Adapter

If you are a frequent traveler and if your doctor recommends you to take the readings multiple times in a day then you may get some problems. It is not necessary that you may always get a power plug during your travelling. Hence using batteries would be ideal for these kinds of people.

All About Using an Omron BP Monitor

Measuring blood pressure with an automated electronic device is pretty simple. These devices are affordable, and thus vital diagnostics are within reach of anyone. There were days when people required training for measuring blood pressure. It required the use of a stethoscope, and most people needed help from someone. However, thanks to automated BP monitors, now anyone can measure blood pressure and immediately get the pulse or heart rate too.

All that is needed to measure the blood pressure is a device, short time to wear the measuring cuff on the arm. Then press the button, wait a minute, and voila, results are ready.

Regular measuring of blood pressure and heart rate increases the awareness about the silent killer named hypertension. It is a simple step that may save a person from a heart attack and prolong life.

In India more than one-third of adults are hypertensive. It means that they need to measure their blood pressure regularly. Most people use the blood pressure device that is battery operated. However, it has one limitation, that is battery life. These devices are power hungry; they need lots of energy to operate. Thus changing batteries is perhaps the only ongoing expense. Though alkaline batteries would last for months, they are not a cheap thing. Moreover, once the cells are down, people may often forget to get new ones. Thus they may not be able to monitor their blood pressure sometimes. Hence keeping an Omron Adapter is always better.

One of the solutions to the problem of low batteries is using an Omron BP Machine Adapter

Most of the Omron devices have an option to use a power adapter. It means that your device is usable even in the absence of batteries or when the batteries are low. A nearby plug point is the only requirement. An Omron device operated through Omron AC Adapter is a better choice if the monitor usage is too often. It is also a better choice in clinical conditions where usage is several times a day. Perhaps the only thinkable downside of using a BP monitor with AC Adapter is the compromised mobility. It may not be practical to use if a person is too ill and cannot move and there is no plug point nearby.

Any caution while using the BP monitor with an Omron AC Adapter?

Omron devices are very safe, and they are undergoing extensive testing in the manufacturing unit itself. Thus there is no risk of using the device with an Omron Adapter. Moreover, the safety of these devices has been checked in practical conditions, with millions of users. When adapter usage with the monitor is frequent, we strongly recommend removing the batteries. There is no risk of keeping batteries in the device while using the Omron BP Machine Adapter. However, unused batteries may get spoiled over time, they may leak and thus damage the device.

The most significant benefit of using the device with a power adapter is that one can get a virtually unlimited number of readings over the years, without worrying about anything. Modern machines are quite sturdy, and they rarely break. Use of power adapter means lower operational costs and this is important when the equipment use is extensive. There is only one drawback of using your monitor with Omron Adapter, that is a loss of mobility of the device. With batteries, one can use the device almost anywhere, but with an AC adapter, there must be a power plug nearby. Voltage fluctuations can damage your Omron BP Machine Adapter and the manufacturer will not take responsibility for this.


Reviewed by Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic

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AC Adapter




AC 100 to 240V 50-60Hz 0.12-0.065A


DC 6V 700mA


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  • There is no warranty for this product.
  • Buyers need to contact the manufacturer (OMRON Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.) directly for clarifications.
  • Toll free number for OMRON customer care is 1800 419 0492.

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  1. Dr.V.Murugesan. (verified owner)

    Omron Adopter-S works well with the Omron digital BP Monitor.
    Highly efficient…
    Recommended for the Omron Digital BP Monitor.
    A good product indeed…

  2. pisharodyuk (verified owner)

    The product is found to be very satisfactory and working well. The process of ordering and supply have also been excellent.

    Unnikrishna Pisharody, Cherpulassery P O Palakkad Dist, Kerala 679503

  3. ramyadav1234 (verified owner)

    Hi, I RA Yadav purchase OMRON Adapter S for OMRON Blood Pressure Monitors. Which is born for OMRON BP Monitor. is very good.

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