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Body temperature measurement with Beurer Infrared Thermometer FT 85 is hygienic and safe because it measures the temperature of you and your dear ones without a skin contact. Beurer FT 85 Non Contact Thermometer is used for measuring your forehead temperature without any body contact. Also you can take the temperature of any object, and room temperature.  Beurer Non Contact Thermometer FT 85 is manufactured in Germany and is fully equipped with German quality and technology.

Features of Beurer Infrared Thermometer FT 85

  1. Non contact: Reliable measurements with no skin contact
  2. Smiley indication: If everything is ok, a laughing similey will appear on the screen. Also temperature alarm displays with a sad smiley if temperature is above 100.4 fahrenheit.
  3. Object & room temperature: You will get temperature of your forehead, an object, and also room temperature in seconds with this thermometer.
  4. Memory for 60 readings
  5. Auto off
  6. It comes with 5-year manufacturer warranty

How to use Beurer Non Contact Thermometer FT 85

To switch on the thermometer, briefly press the “SCAN” button. After a quick self test there will be two short beeps. This indicate that your thermometer is ready for the measurement. By default it will starts with forehead mode. Also you can see forehead symbol on the display.

Now hold the thermometer 2 to 3 cm infront of the foehead measuring point and press the “SCAN” button again. If the measurement is less than 99.5 fahrenheit, a laughing smiley appears on the display to indicate no fever. Also if the measurement is over 100.4 fahrenheit, sad smiley appears on the display to indicate that the temperature is above the normal range.

For taking another reading you need to wait till the two short beep sound and there is no forehead symbol flash. Also the device automatically switches off after approximately 60 seconds or you can press the “SCAN” button for 5 seconds to switch it off.

Box Contents for Beurer FT 85 Non Contact Thermometer

  • Clinical thermometer
  • 2 * 1.5V AAA batteries (LR03)
  • Instructions for use
Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

Additional information




FT 85



Temperature Display

Degree Celsius/Fahrenheit

Forehead Measurement Range

34 to 42.2 Degree Celsius

Surface Measurement Range

0 to 80 Degree Celsius

Room Temperature Measurement Range

10 to 40 Degree Celsius

Power Supply

2 * 1.5V AAA batteries (LR03)


60 Readings

Country of Manufacture



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  • This Product is having 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase.
  • Buyers need to contact the manufacturer (Beurer India Private Limited) directly for availing Warranty.
  • Contact details of manufacturer: 0124- 4477111, support@beurerindia.com



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