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Accu Chek Performa Strips 100’s pack is for testing your blood sugar from home using Accu Chek Performa glucometer. Buying a 100’s pack strip will be always economical if your daily testing is more than 1 time.

Features and Benefits of Accu Chek Performa Strips 100’s Pack

  1. The results are very quick. You will get the results within 5 seconds.
  2. Testing is very easy as there is no code chip and no setup. Also your performa machine will automatically turn on when you insert a strip. After finishing the test, when you remove the strip, the machine will get turn off automatically.
  3. Accu Chek Performa strips need very little amount of blood for testing, like 0.6 micro litre.
  4. You can apply the blood on the edge of the strips. This is very useful especially for elderly patients.
  5. Under dosing detection feature is available.
  6. The stability of Accu Chek Performa strips are 18 months after production. You can use your strips till expiry date after opening the strip box for first time.

How to Use your Accu Chek Performa Strips?

  1. Insert the test strip into your Accu Chek Performa glucometer. The glucometer will turn on automatically.
  2. Take your blood sample using lancing device and apply it to the yellow window on the edge of the strip. Also apply only one small drop.
  3. Within 5 seconds, your results are available on the glucometer screen.

How to protect your Accu Chek Performa Strips?

These strips are very sensitive to climate and external factors. Hence you need to use it very carefully. Otherwise strips will get damaged easily. Also a damaged strip will spoil the whole strips inside the container.

  1. Before taking a strip from the container, always wash your hands properly and dry it.
  2. Close the container tightly, immediately after taking the strip. Also you can continue the remaining testing procedures after closing the container.
  3. Do not place the used strip into the strip box again. This will spoil the remaining strips.
Reviewed by Dr. Preet Pal Singh Bhinder

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  1. This Product is having 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  2. You need to contact the manufacturer directly for availing manufacturer warranty.
  3. Toll free number for contacting Roche Diagnostics is 1800 120 6020



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