Eggs May Not Be Bad — but Control the Cholesterol in Your Diet

The topic “Eggs good or bad” have been subject to lots of debate due to their high cholesterol content. Some think that their content of other nutrients and associated health benefits far outweighs the risks. But then not all agree with it. Specific group of specialists believe that one should avoid eggs entirely. Good and … Read more

Four Steps to Manage Your COPD Exacerbations

COPD is an acronym for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and it is not a single disease rather a term used to describe a group of respiratory conditions like bronchitis, emphysema, irreversible asthma, and so on. In this article we will discuss about COPD exacerbation. Globally, COPD is the fourth major cause of mortality/death; it is more … Read more

Digital Technology for Successfully Managing Blood Pressure at Home

Blood pressure management from home has changed a lot with the introduction of digital technology. New blood pressure monitor devices can measure blood pressure (BP) from the comfort of the home. Also we can share readings with the health care provider for further analysis. High blood pressure is a silent killer as many people fail … Read more

Glucometer Accuracy – US FDA Tightens its Grip

Glucometers remain the golden standard for testing blood glucose at home by those living with diabetes. They are compact and highly affordable. However, those living with diabetes frequently notice the difference between the glucometer readings and lab tests. Also they are not sure about glucometer accuracy. Difference between lab test results and glucometers occur due … Read more