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Why Keep a human body weight machine at Home?

In modern times, keeping an eye on body weight and changes in body weight is essential to stay healthy. Keeping a human body weight machine at home is comparatively a minor investment. But most would be amazed that such small equipment may motivate to make positive changes in life. Thus it may help to prevent a plethora of diseases. Buying a body weighing machine for home is necessary to stay motivated, keep track of your body weight, and prevent diseases before they occur.

We often complain that heart diseases, cancers, respiratory problems, all of them are rising, despite the improvements in the living standards and medical care. Did you ever think, what is the reason behind such an upsurge? Genetic? Probably not, as the genetics of humans have not changed much in last century or so, though the nature of diseases has changed considerably.

So why people are suffering more with cancers, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on? Well answer to most of our health problems lies in environment and lifestyle. The environment can only be changed through awareness and combined efforts of society at large. However, lifestyle is made up of individual choices; it is entirely a personal thing. Body weight and its alterations are the most precise indicator of our lifestyle.

Why to keep a human body weight machine at home? 

Your body weight is the function of intake and expenditure of energy. It means that your body weight depends on two critical factors, that is an intake of calories and how much calories you burn in a day. Thus if a person is overweight, it means that either the calorie intake is too high or person is not physically active enough. Both these conditions mean that excess of energy accumulation as fat for later use, resulting in obesity or continuous weight gain.

Therefore, there are two ways to normalize the body weight, either correct the calorie intake or become physically more active. In Indians, eating too much of fried food, fatty foods lead to obesity. But the more common reason for obesity in Indians is a failure to do enough of physical activities. Thus in the Indian context, the best approach to decreasing body weight would be increasing the energy expenditure through exercise. Weight machine may help in this situation to keep track of efforts; it helps a person to stay motivated.

One must also understand that losing extra pounds have been shown to be highly protective against diabetes and hypertension, one of the most common health problems in India. Research shows that Indians are more prone to heart conditions and metabolic disease due to their genetics. They have poorly developed adipose tissues. It means that if they do not burn enough of calories, their body struggles to store extra energy in fat tissues, which results in higher cholesterol, fatty acids, and blood glucose.

Who requires a human body weight machine at home?

One must consider human body weight machine as diagnostic equipment. It is not a luxury, rather a necessity in every home. There were times when family practitioners and not multi-specialty hospitals that dominated the health services landscape, and use of weighing machines were more common. Unfortunately, nowadays weight machines are not always present in the cabinet of family doctors, which makes it imperative to have a weight machine at home.

We should take any alterations in body weight in adults seriously. In emerging economies like India, unexpected weight loss, or low body weight are common problems. In some places, low body weight is more of a problem than obesity.

Low body weight is even more dangerous than obesity. It means lower emergency resources for the body. Thus if a low body weight person gets seriously ill, there are not enough fat resources to provide energy to fight the ailment. Sharp body weight loss may say about something more serious.

Body weight loss may say about malnutrition, poor diet, diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, anemia, chronic diarrhea, or even undiagnosed infections like typhus, typhoid or malaria.

In European nations and US problem is more about obesity, however, in emerging countries like India problem is often both way. There are an equal number of Indians suffering from obesity and low body weight or as it is commonly we call as thinness or skinniness. Being skinny is a massive problem in growing age in India.

Also, one must understand that modern weighing machines are entirely different, something most people do not know. Modern weighing machines are hi-tech and have many other sensors. They are intelligent, have memory, may even give some recommendations, especially if they use in conjunction with wearable gadgets and health apps.

No health program is successful without a weighing scale

Thus no health program can be complete without weighing machine at home. So if you are serious about the weight management, you should start by investing in a weighing machine. Better chose a machine that has sensors to provide information like BMI, body fat content, bone, and muscle mass information.

Having some of the necessary instruments like weight machine, glucometer, blood pressure monitor are the need of the time. In our busy spells, there is no time to keep guessing. It is also important to understand that doctors are not the solution to your health problems. A doctor is merely a health adviser. No one can expect to stay healthy without engaging in self-care and self-monitoring.

Gadgets and equipment like human body weight machine are the central part of any disease prevention program. This simple equipment can keep you motivated to stay healthy. It also help you to make right kind of choices and would help you to enjoy living.

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