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How We Can Deal With De-addiction In A Natural Way

In this article, we are going to discuss about the hazards people face because of overuse of intoxicating substances and importance of de-addiction naturally?

Our brain cells are in such a way to feel pleasure and happiness. We all rely on experiences that make us stay happy, rejuvenated and contented. Our reflex takes over and we try to do them time and again so that our body is in a state of intense pleasure and reverie at all times, whether it is social, physical or psychological.

Do you rush to the bar the moment you enter a party and do you relish an alcohol glassful regularly? It’s not easy to get rid of the love for alcohol or any other intoxicating substance such as drugs, drinks or cigarettes. These enter the bloodstream and the body starts to crave it. With prolonged use, the desire for it becomes a pattern and it slowly starts to affect the brain making changes that take ages to heal. People who have a history of substance abuse or dependence on a particular chemical or product may find it an uphill task to get rid of this bad habit. The going may be tough but it’s definitely worth the effort!

Let’s start this from the beginning:

Why does a person resort to substance abuse?

  1. Positive behaviors since childhood often get rewarded and leave behind a great rejuvenated feeling. This prompts the person to feel similar positivity and euphoria again and again in some way. The reward and pleasure center of the brain always demand conditions that make a person stay in a state of contentment and pleasure. A person becomes an addict because of circumstances and intoxication trance.
  2. The adrenalin rush and the “feel good” feeling, leave a person feeling satisfied and ecstatic. A chance “brush” with a substance such as an alcoholic drink, medicine, tobacco products, cigarettes, opioids, and drugs at a social get-together or meeting triggers the same rewarding feelings and the person develops a habit.
  3. Using alcohol and drugs regularly to moderate the mood. In an addictive disorder, the prefrontal cortex of the brain starts getting influenced and the person is not able to make rational and sensible decisions anymore.
  4. Physical, social and psychological needs may demand escapism and dependency on intoxicating substances. It’s like a runaway hideout!
  5. With every sip, every puff and every sniff, the life span is reduced. The moment the substance is withdrawn from the system, unpleasant opioid feelings start to surface and the person starts feeling uncomfortable. Do not let your inner self destroy itself. It’s time to quit and do de-addiction naturally!

Having an intoxicating chemical for a long time can cause symptoms that are similar to asking the person to abstain from substance abuse. These can cause major disturbances in body systems such as:

  1. Acute insulin disorder
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Uncontrollable Sweating
  4. Pain in different parts of the body
  5. Seizures
  6. Severe trembling
  7. Violence and aggression
  8. Constipation and stomach pain
  9. Unreasonable and unrecognisable behavior
  10. Respiratory distress
  11. Insomnia

Why does the amount of the intoxicating substance increase as time passes? 

Drugs metabolise differently in different people. The quantity and effect of intoxication differ according to gender, age, hormones, body weight and a combination of other factors. When the consumption is in regular large amounts, the body starts to metabolise it well and the effect keeps reducing. The person, now, needs more substance in the bloodstream to feel the same intoxication level. The consumption of the drug or alcohol increases dramatically over time because the tolerance levels have also augmented. If we did not carry de-addiction naturally on time, it can end up as an addictive disorder and a person loses reasoning power, behavioral and emotional control!

Normally, when the disorder is detected the brain starts to show changes. Recovery is possible especially with the Divya de-addiction kit developed by Divya Upchar Sansthan. If the person is far gone, then abstinence becomes imperative or else permanent brain changes can take place and this will not allow the body any respite. Addiction will soon become an integral part of life and there will be no escape. At Divya Upchar Clinic, you will get answers for all your queries and a free consultation is possible.

What are the hazards people face because of overuse of intoxicating substances and why we need  de-addiction naturally?

  1. Constant substance abuse can cause bodily functions to become erratic and the whole brain circuiting gets distorted.
  2. Health problems start to creep up and the person may be diagnosed with severely compromised health, heart, stomach, lung, and liver illnesses. The substance abuse has serious health impacts and at times it’s too late to turn around.
  3. Social interactions, physical and mental bodily changes, psychological issues, relationships, problems are the least of the hazards addicts facing. People will get traumatize by addiction to these chemicals or plant extracts.
  4. Alcohol and drugs inculcate violence and aggression. Reports have shown that many individuals have died because they have been irresponsible and rash on the roads. They lose their lives or end up paralysed and grievously injured because they have been driving drunk.
  5. Secrecy and solitude can take over the normal socialising activities of an individual. Bedrooms and dark dingy corners become the favorite hideout of an addict.
  6. Drug addiction may also cause hallucinations, psychosis and other mental and psychological problems.
  7. Overdosing on an opiate, alcohol or other substances can be a life-threatening situation and the excess consumption and substance abuse need to be halted before permanent damage to the body happens.
  8. In many cases, people with illicit drug dependence and alcohol addiction have ended up behind bars or in grave financial difficulties because of their impaired judgment and violent behavior.
  9. An uncontrollable urge to consume alcohol, nicotine, drugs can be extremely frustrating and efforts to stop these can cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

Other hazards and the importance of de-addiction naturally

  1. People have ended up selling their properties and losing precious money to fulfill their obsession with the substance. In worst cases, many have resorted to human trafficking, prostitution, stealing, to get to the drug or drink.
  2. The physical condition becomes frail and sporty activities soon end up as history. Many addicts indulge in criminal activity because of which they end up in prison.
  3. Addicts do not realise that they are dependent on alcohol, nicotine or drugs for their happiness. Also denial and refusing help to de-addict is the biggest difficulty family members are facing. Physical dependence slowly leads to mental latching on and the person may refuse treatment even if their physical condition deteriorates.
  4. Permanent foetal damage and congenital abnormalities if the woman abusing drugs is pregnant.


Do not wait for physical conditions like limb damage and cancers to set in. Do not let the normal circulation of blood and working of arteries and the damaging and disruption of veins. It’s time to protect your liver from chronic liver issues and lung damage that has been a result of substance abuse. De-addiction naturally is possible and you can now get rid of that haggard and disheveled appearance for good by trying out the Divya de-addiction kit.


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