best glucometer in India

Which is the best glucometer in India?

Which is the best glucometer in India?

Home sugar monitoring is an important part of diabetic management. A glucometer is a small device which will help you to test your blood sugar from the comfort of your own home. There are several glucometers available in Indian market and it is difficult to select the best glucometer brand and model.

In this article we will discuss about the best glucometer available in India and how to choose a glucometer that will suit your needs.  The recommendation of glucometers is made based on some important parameters that really matters to common people of India. There are some other glucometers available in India which is also really good. But considering on behalf of middle class people in India, I am forced to remove those brands from my recommendation.

Accu Chek Active Glucometer

Accu Chek Active Glucometer is one of the best glucometer available in India and across the globe. During the initial purchase, you will get all accessories including 10 testing strips, lancing device, lancets etc.

Accu Chek Active Glucometer
Accu Chek Active Glucometer

Advantages of Accu Chek Active Glucometer

There are several benefits for this machine. This is very compact size machine. You will get the results very fast and testing is painless with Accu Chek Softclix lancet. With features like Pre & Post-meal markers, you will never forget to check your blood sugar in time. The device has a huge memory of 500 test results. You will be able to transfer these results to your computer through a USB cable. Hence you can always share the data with your doctor.  Also the automatic on/off function save your battery life.

Moreover Accu Chek Active machine comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and claiming warranty is very easy. Once you purchase your glucometer, you need to register it through the manufacturer website and that’s all. You will get a tremendous online customer support by calling their toll free number 1800 120 6020.

Now I will highlight 4 main advantages, which is making this as the best glucometer in India. These 4 benefits are really influencing the middle class people in India.

1. Well reputed brand with high quality

Manufactured by Roche diagnostics, Accu Chek Active glucometer is a global brand and never compromise with the quality. The accuracy of results is almost matching with the lab results when you stick on to the manufacturer specifications. Roche diagnostics is a pioneer in this industry and glucometers and strips are manufactured in their manufacturing unit in Germany.

2. Coding is not required for Accu Chek Active Glucometer

Earlier it was a coding machine and hence was little complicated for some people. You need to change the code chip every time when you buy a new strip box. Also if you lose your code chip or place a wrong code chip inside, the strips will not work with the machine. But recently after the introduction of no coding machine, you do not need to code the machine. This has made Accu Chek Active glucometer more user-friendly. Newly purchased Accu Chek Active machine will not have a slot for inserting the code chip.

However, you will get a black code chip with each purchase of Accu Chek Active strip box. You might get confused with this black code chip and we will explain this for you. This black code chip is only meant for those people who are still using the old machine where there is a slot for inserting a code chip. Hence by inserting this black code chip, your old machine will become a no coding machine. This means that there is no need to change the black code chip each and every time when you purchase a new strip box.

You can throw out this black code chip which is getting through every new strip purchase. Black code chip inside your old machine means that your machine is compatible with accu chek active strips which you buy from any corner of the world. Hence black code chip is a universal code chip.

If your machine is newly purchased and there is no slot for inserting the code chip, you can throw out the black code chip inside the strip box.

3. Strip Cost is very economical

A glucometer is for long term use. After the initial purchase, you need to buy the matching strips regularly. You can’t use the other model strips with your glucometer. Hence affordability of the strips is one of the most important things to consider while purchasing a glucometer. You may get several cheaper glucometers in India. But after the initial purchase, the strip cost will be more. Hence even though initial cost (glucometer cost) is more, it would be better to consider the strip cost which will be beneficial for long term.

Accu Chek Active glucometer cost is comparatively less even though there are some other cheaper brands available in the range of Rs. 800 to 1000. Standard rate for Accu Chek Active glucometer is in the range of Rs. 1250 to 1300. This is slightly more than that of the standard rate. If you want to check the price of Accu Chek Active glucometer in our store, please click here.

The average cost of Accu Chek active strip is Rs. 13/strip, when you buy 100’s pack. However, if your consumption is less (5-6 testing in a month), it is not wise to purchase 100’s pack as there will be expiry date for these strips.  Average strip cost of 50’s pack is Rs. 14/strip. 10’s pack is available but it is suitable for occasional users as strip cost is more.

Click here to check the price of Accu Chek Active Strips 100’s pack

Click here to check the price of Accu Chek Active Strips 50’s pack

4. Availability of strips

I have seen many people searching for matching strips for their glucometer. If matching strips are not easily available, it will be a huge headache for you in future. Hence before purchasing a glucometer don’t consider the affordability alone. Check whether their strips are locally available or not. Otherwise you will end up in changing the glucometer. Accu Chek Active Strips are widely available in each and every corner of India. Even small chemists are aware about this and they stock it. Moreover it is a global brand and you can use the active strip which is bought from abroad too. Hence it is definitely the best glucometer availale in India.

Disadvantageous of Accu Chek Active Glucometer

There are 2 minor drawbacks for Accu Chek Active Glucometer.

1. Difficulty in applying the blood on the strips

The blood applying space is on the middle of the strip. This may create minor problems for some people especially whose hands are shivering. There is a chance to spread the blood sample to the glucometer surface if you over flow the blood sample on the fingertip. It is always easy to apply the blood on the edge of the strip. This is a minor problem and you can always avoid the difficulty by taking precautions. For most of the people, this is not a problem.

2. Battery gets drained easily during initial stages

During the packing, manufacturer doesn’t keep a separator which will separate battery from the machine connecting point. Hence sometimes, battery connects with the machine accidently and it may get drained after long term contact. This is possible when you buy a package which is stored in the distributor go-down for a long time. Actually this is not a manufacturing defect and the remedy for this is changing the battery. I have seen this case very rarely, still it is a drawback.

Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer

Accu Chek Instant S is also manufactured by Roche Diagnostics. Even though it has launched in India in February 2018, it has grabbed a reasonable market share within a span of 5 months’ time. It is a new model, but you can confidently rely on it. It is slowly becoming the best glucometer in India.


I will not explain briefly about Accu Chek Instant S as I did in the case of Accu Chek Active. The reason for this is most of the features are similar. Hence I will discuss the unique things about Accu Chek Instant S here.

  1. This is a no coding machine.
  2. The initial cost for Accu Chek Instant is in the range of Rs 850 to 900. This is most economical in India. Regarding the strip cost, it is similar to Active model.
  3. The blood applying space is at the edge of the strip. This is useful especially for people whose hands shiver during the test.
  4. Memory is 720 readings. But you have to transfer the data to Accu Chek online portal through USB cable in order to view these 720 readings. On the screen, you will get the details of last reading only.
  5. Strips availability might be a problem for certain period of time as this a new brand. However in major cities availability might not be a problem.

With above 5 benifits, I am sure that Accu Chek Instant S will become the best glucometer in India soon and it will overtake Accu Chek Active.

You can check the price of Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer by clicking here.

One Touch Select Simple Glucometer

one touch select glucometer
one touch select glucometer

As the name indicates, this is very simple to use. It is one of the best glucometer in India for years. Main highlights are,

  1. Initial cost will be in the range of Rs. 950 to 1000. However strips cost is little bit high comparing to Accu Chek models.
  2. There is no memory for this glucometer.
  3. This glucometer have Life-time manufacturer warranty.
  4. There is an USB cable connectivity.
  5. It is a no coding machine and the blood sample applying space is at the edge of the strip.
  6. It is a quality brand from Jhonson & Jhonson and you will get excellent live customer support.

Check price of One Touch Select Strips 25’s Pack by clicking here.

Check One Touch Select Strips 50’s Pack price by clicking here.

Comparison between Accu Chek Active, Accu Chek Instant S & One Touch Select Glucometers

 Accu Chek ActiveAccu Chek Instant SOne Touch Select
Initial CostRs. 1250Rs. 850Rs. 950
Strip CostRs. 12 – 14Rs. 14Rs. 19
ManufacturerRoche DiagnosticsRoche DiagnosticsJ&J
Blood Sample ApplyingOn the middle of stripEdge of the stripOn the edge of the strip
Strip AvailabilityWidelyMajor ChemistsWidely
Memory500720 reading through USB cableLast reading
 CodingNew machine, no coding.

Old machine is convertible to no coding.

No codingNo coding
Post Prandial reminderYesNoNo
USB InterfaceYesYesNo
Pre & Post meal markersYesNoNo
Re dose optionBefore 10 secNoNo
Reading Average7, 14, 30, 90 days7, 30, 90 daysNo
Under dose detectionYesNoNo


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